What the Heck Is Secret Video Recorder?


Recording video secretly maybe something you will be in need of at one time or the other. If you are someone who is into investigative journalism or similar to another profession, you would definitely look forward to a tool that would help you record your surroundings discreetly. Secret Video Recorder is one of the apps that can indeed be helpful from that perspective. How to download Secret Video Recorder on Android? Let us check out the details in this post.

Secret Video Recorder – A Discreet Video Recorder

Well, Secret Video Recorder is indeed an amazing app in the genre of background recording apps. The app will not let anyone know that you are recording them and their activities.

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Yes, there is no preview of any sort. You can discreetly record everything around you. The tool is available for Android, iOS, and Windows platforms. What makes it a universal application is the fact that you would be able to use it for any purpose that you please. Whether you are up to some pranks and funny stuff, or you are seriously into investigating something genuine –the Secret Video Recorder is what would suit every genre of users.

Features That Make Secret Video Recorder An Option To Reckon With

A few features that would set it apart from the rest of the similar tools can be summarised as

  • Truly Unlimited – There isn’t any limit to the videos that you can record with Secret Video Recorder. Unlimited recording would make it an excellent choice for those long hours. Just ensure that you have enough storage left on your device.
  • Everything Discreet – There is no preview. No app interface of any sort. No One will ever come to know that you are recording them. The recording will be on even when the screen is off. The videos can even be hidden from being visible in Gallery
  • Additional Features – You can even record a call while in progress. The app supports full HD video recording. This can even schedule a This can be a feature that would be helpful in recording speeches and discourses.
  • Compatible With Most Devices –The app has been tested on almost all major smartphones. In fact, the developers check for compatibility on every new device as it is launched. You may, in fact, contact the developer in case you face any compatibility issues.
  • Auto Sync Feature – The videos you have recorded are synced automatically with Google Drive. That would mean you will never lose your videos even if you lose your phone, or format it for any reason.

Well, those were just a few features that we found useful and practical from the functionality point of view. Secret Video Recorder comes with several additional features that make it a universal application for all your needs in secret video recording.

How To Download Secret Video Recorder?

Secret Video Recorder is available as a free download on Google Play Store. If you have any restrictions on your Google Play Store app in your region or do not want to install the app from the Play Store – you may give a thought to install, the Secret Video Recorder app using its APK file.

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If you have installed apps on your phone using APK files before, you can skip these steps. If you are installing the app from Google Play Store, you can ignore these steps.

Here is how you can enable the Unknown Sources –

  • Go to the Settings app on your Android device.
  • Locate Privacy or Security tabs under settings.
  • You should be able to find the option for Unknown Sources under either of those tabs. The exact location should depend on your device model and OS version.
  • Toggle the option for enabling Unknown Sources.

That should do it. You have successfully enabled the installation of apps from third-party sources.

Once that done, you can now install the Secret Video Recorder without any issues using the APK file. Here is how we go about it –

  • Download the Secret Video Recorder APK from reliable sources. We have provided the link here for the APK file. You may also download the app from Google Play Store as well. We have provided the link for it as well.
  • Save the downloaded APK file at an appropriate location in your phone memory.
  • Tap on the APK file to commence installation.
  • Confirm when prompted for it.
  • Wait till the installation is completed.

That’s it! You have successfully installed Secret Video Recorder on your device. Launch it and go on your secret mission.

Download Links

Secret Video Recorder APK File
Google Play Store Link

App Name Secret Video Recorder
Developer CME Services
Latest Version 3.5
Last Updated On 15/8/2017
App Size 6.0 MB
Compatibility Android 4.0.3 and above

Secret Video Recorder – Download It Once And Be Invincible

Secret Video Recorder is what would make you invincible in every respect. We would definitely recommend it to everyone who is in the field of investigative journalism. Discreet recording cannot get better than this and we would indeed vouch for the features and functionality of the app. One of the aspects that we like the most about the app is the customer service which offers you prompt replies.

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Keep visiting this site for the updated information about the app. We will keep updating you with the latest information on Secret Video Recorder. Keep us bookmarked and we promise that we will never disappoint you.

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