The truth about modern times is that you won’t find a student who never uses innovative gadgets. Another truth is that students use multiple apps not only for entertainment but for studying as well. We all know that both Apple and Android Phones have a huge number of apps and you can do whatever you want using these apps.

You can easily find some best apps for students over the play store and iTunes. Every student today knows many apps that are useful for them, but many are there who are unaware of this and hence we have introduced a list that you can use in order to improve your scores.

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There are millions of people who use Any do app in order to organize their tasks. is one of the best apps for students. This app is perfect for the students who have to create To-do lists for their daily classes and other study-related things. You can use this app in order to synchronize the tasks from any other device which will help you in accessing your list from anywhere.

You can even change the priority of the entries and mark them as completed when done. You just need to shake your device in order to clear up the list that is marked as completed


Many people feel frustrated with the emails as sometimes it’s tough for us to manage the emails so if you are going through such problem, then you must use Mailbox app. This is not only the best apps for students, but it is good for the people who use their email service for official or other things. This app will keep your mailbox neat and clear and will automatically archive the mail that you have already read.


Dropbox is one of the excellent apps for every student. No one wants to lose their notes and other relevant documents so you must use this app in order to save your documents. If you are using this app, then you don’t have to worry even when you forget your phone at home or somewhere because it synchronizes all the things stored and then you just have to log in to your account, and you can get complete access to your Dropbox and the documents stored in it.

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Every student today is curious to know each and everything, but it’s tough for the students to concentrate both on studies and headlines so in order to get rid of this problem, is here. This is one of the best RSS aggregators that you can use to (or intending to) read news all in one place. You just have to check the news that you like, and then the app will automatically get notifications for you.


This is one of the best apps for students who are studying literature and write papers on the things they have read about. Using Cliffsnotes, you can get information about each and every character, theme, plot, etc. you can even check out the description of the book you read. If you want you can listen to the story when you are on the walk as the audio version of this app is also available.

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We understand that math is a typical subject and sometimes the homework and test papers feel like carrying a mountain over the head. Try Mathway once, as this app will guide you step by step about algebra, geometry, etc. you just have to enter the task on the application, and you are ready to go.


This is one of the app that will help you in finding the natural meaning of any word. So now you don’t have to find the word in the big and huge dictionary. You just have to enter the spelling of the word whose meaning you want to know it will present the best definition on your phone screen. This app also allows you to keep an eye on the people. You can easy see what others are searching near you.

RealCal Scientific Calculator

This is the best apps for students in engineering. If you want your phone to work as a real scientific calculator, then you can use this app. This app works in the same way as your scientific calculator, so now you don’t have to be afraid off with significant calculations and all.

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