SanDisk Flash Drive that offers 150 Mbps Speed and 128GB Storage

Western Digital has announced the new Sandisk Ultra fast speed USB drive of 128 GB capacities with Type C and Type A plugins. The dual USB connector has the capacities of 128 GB and retractable USB 3.1 data transfer with a speed of 150 Mbps. The SanDisk flash drive can share everything million of times in a day. The data can be kinds of music, APKs, screenshots or PDF files. The dual USB flash drive can transfer each and everything with both Type A and Type C plug.

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The upper limit of holding the capacity to hold the data up to 128 GB is likely to be the only thumb drive to transfer your data between USB Type C and smartphone and between your laptop. The SanDisk flash drive with Ultra Dual USB drive will solve all your problems impressively. The device supports the older devices too and makes your future proof with its elegant option. The high-speed data transfer gets up to 150 Mbps with the USB 3.1.

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The SanDisk flash drive enters the market with an adverse feature of flexibility and conveniently to move images, videos or documents between the devices with freedom to expand the capacity of the device. The device can work with OSX, Windows, Android and even with Linux based operating system as long the device has either Type C or Type A. Grab the latest device from the online shopping portals today.

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