Samsung Smartphone with Foldable Screen will Shake up Things from January

Smartphone will soon be so advanced that one can easily fold them and keep in their pockets. Samsung have been working on such Smartphone development since few years and it seems they are close to it now.

As per the famous magazine “insider” the foldable Smartphone will be coming from January. Two versions of these phones will be available one will be with snapdragon 620 processors and other would have 820 snapdragon processors. Both will have a powerful 3GB RAM and non removable battery as fuel. There will be a slot for microSD card so that one can extend the storage.

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Samsung will be launching its flagship S7 in February but it seems it will launch these foldable normal flagship phones before that. If Samsung launch these foldable phones, then it may become the best seller.

The design of these phones may vary a bit but the folding thing will remain common. We are hearing the rumors since long that in future foldable Smartphone will take place of the current hardcore smartphones. The big question arise here is that, will Samsung develop foldable microSD card as well? Because as per the specification the foldable phone will support microSD car as well. Let’s wait and watch what we get.

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