Rtx 2070 Vs Gtx 1080: A Complete Review


Rtx 2070 Vs Gtx 1080: Gaming has a plethora of things to consider and before you buy the right device. Today’s topic could make you feel a little boring if you are a non-techie but definitely a good one for video game lovers and techies who are into gaming. What are Rtx 2070 and Gtx 1080? Let me get straight to the point. These are Nvidia graphic cards that help with experiencing an improved version of your gaming. Your game cannot run without a graphic card. Nvidia encountered some issues with graphic card in its previous releases, whereas as a refreshing factor, its GeForce RTX series has upgraded its Supermodels.

We are here to know the best one among these two i.e. Rtx 2070 Vs Gtx 1080. Several forums say that when comparing Rtx 2070 Vs Gtx 1080 Ti, the first one is faster than the other. Digging this into detail can help you with the right one. Here are certain things that we exactly should look into.

Rtx 2070 Vs Gtx 1080

The following section talks about which graphic card you can use between Rtx 2070 and Gtx 1080 and also showcases the best one on comparing Gtx 1080 Vs Rtx 2070 Super. We could also see some user reviews about Rtx 2070 Vs Gtx 1080 Reddit, collectively. All three graphic cards found at similar pricing, but when you look at the performance, these three do not play an equal role. Here is the vast comparison of all specifications that each graphic card contains.

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The primary factor that both Rtx and Gtx vary is real-time ray tracing abilities i.e. the newly released Nvidia 20-series cards are similarly labeled RTX cards when compared to GTX. Ray tracing simulates light around a game scene naturally and provides a realistic look and feel while playing.


  1. Architecture and process: 

GeForce RTX 2070 Super comprises TU104 with GPU process of 12 and uses the Turing architecture; whereas RTX 2070 has TU106 with GPU process 12and GTX 1080 has TU104 with GPU process 16.

  1. Transistors:

RTX 2070 Super runs over 13.6 billion transistors, whereas RTX 2070 uses only 10.6 billion, and even less, GTX 1080 contains only 7.2 billion transistors for functioning.

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Likewise, if you compare several other specifications such as CUDA cores, Tensor cores, RT cores, Base clock, Boost clock, VRAM speed, VRAM memory, bandwidth, and TDP, RTX 2070 either exceeds or equals with GTX 1080 specifications. But RTX 2070 Super is one-step forward to both of these two. As our comparison is only between RTX and GTX, let us look into these factors in common.

  1. Performance

Here, we will compare the performance of these graphic cards among the popular games so that it is easy to understand in all technical aspects.

In most played games such as 11 Game Average, Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, Division 2, Far Cry 5, Fortnite Season 9, etc., the performance of RTX takes over GTX. For example, in 11 Game Average, RTX 2070 performs 6% faster than GTX 1080 at 1080 pixels resolution, which is quite largely negligible. It performs 8% faster when you play these games on ultra-settings. At the same time, you can find a huge performance gap of around 16% between RTX Super and GTX at medium settings and 17% at ultra-settings. As long as the performance gap does not show a two-digit percentage, you can prefer either the cards.

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Suppose if the resolution is at 1440 pixels but expecting a 4K quality performance by any of these graphic cards, RTX 2070 can be set at 45.3 fps, and GPS can be set at an average of 40.8 fps, whereas RTX 2070 Super at 50 fps.

Although neither of the three can be the best option for gaming at 4K, GTX 1080 can never be considered.

  1. Pricing and worth

RTX 2070 Super is a great option if you are looking for developing a high-end gaming PC. Moreover, if you look at its fps rate, it is worth investing money on a full system. At the same time, RTX 2070 is also not far behind the line. Both RTX 2070 and Super may look very less attractive if you look at it as a whole PC performance, but they are tremendous functioning as graphic cards.

GTX 1080, when launched, was introduced at $499, which is quite costly but not worth in performance. Now there are several new models in GTX costing towards more than $700 and ranging till $1000, which is not really required for a product such as GTX 1080. So when you compare the pricing of both RTX and GTX, RTX 2070 and Super are available for a price less than $500 but with a splendid performance.

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Graphics card supports to run many applications that have natural elements to apply not only in games but also in many other technical aspects of picture effects. It is always good to take an expert’s opinion before you intend to buy a graphic card. Because graphics cards play a vital role in providing smooth gaming control over the games that use high-end technology and hardware.

Hence, you might be investing a huge amount of money on it for better user interface experience and user interface design.

If you require any technical advice on buying a graphic card or gaming system, you can either refer to several forums for discussions on the same. By doing so, you can come to an idea of which is the best.


We have showcased the major comparison factors in RTX 2070 Vs GTX 1080, which may or may not look quite appealing to a few of you. Hoping that this blog has given you some clarity on why not consider GTX 1080 and why RTX 2070. Otherwise, you can get in touch with our expert agents who can guide you. Especially, on buying cards when and where? Our agents are available round-the-clock to serve you any kind of queries through a call or chat. You can even drop us an e-mail and we shall revert to you with a solution within a stipulated time.