Roku vs Chromecast – What sets them apart?


Over the last couple of years, streaming services have come to be exceptionally preferred, mostly due to just how hassle-free they are. Streaming gadgets like Chromecast and Roku make accessing these services less complicated since they essentially transform a “dull” TV into a smart one.

Roku is permanently tweaking its line of product. In 2017, Roku released brand-new equipment, which was done to streamline its lineup. Nonetheless, the business’s checklist of gadgets has swollen once more with the Roku Premiere’s reintroduction.

Today, there are six gadgets that you can reasonably take into consideration to be a direct rival to the Chromecast. They are the Roku Express +, Roku Express, Roku Premiere, Roku Streaming Stick, Roku Premiere + as well as Roku Streaming Stick +.

The unique Roku product named “Roku Ultra” isn’t a Chromecast rival. This is a set-top box instead of a dongle. Because of this, it will not form part of this write-up.

So, let’s speak about the Roku items and compare them to the Chromecast over a few crucial locations. In case you’re not acquainted yet, take a look at our Chromecast intro as well as the fundamentals of Roku TV to start.

Ease of Use – Roku vs Chromecast

Google Chromecast and also Roku both enable you to access comparable solutions, but the technique utilized by each tool is somewhat different.

Roku operates more traditionally with a physical remote and a full user interface on your TV. Streaming apps are readily available from the interface. This configuration is an exciting option for those familiar with app-based systems.

With Chromecast, you regulate every little thing from a phone or tablet computer. Anything your smartphone screens can be “cast” to your TV screen. This consists of audio, video clip as well as even material from Google’s Chrome internet browser. This gives you a good deal of versatility within a user-friendly experience.

Content Library – Roku vs Chromecast

When it pertains to apps, both Chromecast and also Roku have many options. Roku has a side with a slightly wider choice, but both gadgets cover the most preferred solutions. So, unless you need a particular application that’s just offered on Roku, either device needs to satisfy your app needs.

According to Roku’s literature, you can install more significant than 500,000 channels on your device.

Naturally, a significant portion of these aren’t worth the time of day, but you’ll be able to locate all huge players like Spotify, Hulu, Sling, Netflix, Amazon Video, and so forth.

Roku additionally has a near-endless collection of exclusive channels. We have covered a few of the very best entire networks on Roku, along with how to install personal systems on Roku if you want to find out more.

Chromecast gadgets are various. Not all apps are Chromecast-enabled, indicating you’ll sometimes have to cast your entire display manually. If you’re streaming from mobile, it harms your battery life. You will also not have the ability to use your phone for anything else while the casting is occurring; it could not be an ideal setup for you.

Connection – Roku vs Chromecast

When it comes to casting or sharing material from mobile phones to your TV, Chromecast is the clear victor. Streaming from applications like Netflix, Hulu, and YouTube is very easy enough with both tools. However, if you plan on casting personal videos and pictures, Chromecast is a lot more intuitive. This is specifically true with sharing material from an Android tool. With an iPhone gadget, you’ll need a third-party application for Chromecast or the Roku application for Roku.

Another outstanding feature of both devices is the capacity to mirror displays. As an example, you can make use of Chromecast as well as Roku to share your laptop screen with your TV, though Chromecast is much better enhanced for mirroring.

The only exception is the Roku Express +. In addition to the HDMI connection, it also offers composite A/V ports. If you have an older TV that doesn’t have HDMI ports, the Express + is the only device that will benefit you.

Controls – Roku vs Chromecast

Chromecast utilizes your smart device or tablet as a remote, as well as you’re possibly already a pro at running that. However, Roku’s specialized remote is simple to make use of and has clear signs on the buttons. The faster ways to specific applications like Netflix and also Hulu might additionally be useful to some.

What’s lovely right here is the voice control functions on the remote, also available from the Roku application. You can use voice commands to locate movies, actors, and introduce apps (called channels on the Roku application). For example, you can utilize the voice control attribute to look for a particular flick from a specific network (app).

All Roku devices provide their remote control. The three least expensive designs have a simple remote; it allows you to control your Roku and little else. The three premium versions ship with a voice remote.

As you’d expect, the voice remote lets you search for content verbally. However, it also consists of a TV power switch and volume controls, indicating you can dispose of your TV remote and have fewer gadgets.

Roku also markets extra powerful remotes independently. There are Enhanced Voice Remote and the Video Gaming Remote (specific pc gaming switches).

Finally, you can download and install a Roku application on both Android as well as iOS. It allows you to quickly control your device and button in between the different Roku gadgets in your home.

On the other hand, Chromecast gadgets are managed entirely from your smartphone or computer. Because they cast your screen, any inputs you make in your area will be reflected in what you see on your TV.

Some applications– such as Netflix– are cast-enabled. You require to strike the in-app Cast button to start viewing. Others, like Prime Video Clip, are not cast-enabled. The good news is, there are a couple of workarounds that let you enjoy Amazon Prime Video using Chromecast.

Processing Power & Picture Quality – Roku vs Chromecast

Currently, both Roku and Chromecast supply top quality when it pertains to sound and streaming top quality. Both gadgets supply the capacity to stream as well as actors in 4K HDR. It deserves stating that streaming quality additionally depends upon display resolution and your internet and streaming strategies.

Three Roku items– the Express, Express +, and Streaming Stick– only supply a standard 1080p HD video clip. The other three tools– the Best, Premiere +, and Streaming Stick +– all provide 4K video clips and high vibrant variety (HDR).

Of both Chromecast products, only the much more expensive Chromecast Ultra supports 4K.

Before you run off as well as acquire a 4K version, quit and assume. To start with, does your TV also support 4K? It’s not yet widespread across mid- and low-end products.

Secondly, do you view 4K web content? Keep in mind; numerous preferred streaming services will undoubtedly charge you a lot more if you wish to stream in 4K.

For example, the most affordable Netflix strategy is $7.99/ month, whereas the 4K system is $13.99/ month. Even if you pay for 4K access, not all the programs and motion pictures are offered in 4K.

Gaming – Roku vs Chromecast

If you live and breathe video gaming, Chromecast will undoubtedly provide you with a more comprehensive option of titles to choose from since it lets you cast any video game from a mobile phone. That said, many games aren’t optimized for casting, so that you may notice some input lag.

With Roku, games are set up on the simple tool and regulated by the remote. Angry Birds, as an example, uses motion-control to aid your target and also fire. However, the minimal selection and the absence of a specialized controller might frustrate some gamers.

Additional Features

Roku gadgets and Chromecasts both have some extra functions that may help tip the scales, relying on what is essential to you.

The Chromecast Ultra has an ethernet port. Utilizing it must give a quicker and smoother streaming experience. The only Roku gadget with an ethernet port is the Ultra, yet as clarified formerly, we haven’t consisted of the Ultra in this showdown.

Roku devices are Miracast-enabled. Miracast is usually proclaimed as a substitute for HDMI. It implies you can mirror Android as well as Windows displays directly to your TV. Unfortunately, you will certainly not locate Miracast on Apple gadgets.

Last but not least, considering that September 2018, Roku OS has sustained Google Assistant. It indicates you can use any Google Assistant device, such as Google House, to look for and play material on your Roku tool. This is one means to obtain Google on your Roku.

Final Words

Inevitably, both devices offer great functions and also top quality. The significant difference between the two is the interface. If you favor a standard, remote-controlled user experience, after that, the Roku is a better fit. On the other hand, if you choose the adaptability of casting and matching from your tools, go with Chromecast.


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