Tiny Robot which is also a Phone

Japanese engineers have made a robot which works like a phone as well. This new robot is cute but is full of latest new features. It is talkative charming robot that has all the features of a smartphone.

The look and design of this RoBoHoN is like a robot, it has hands, legs and cute eyes. This new RoBoHoN have a 320X240 size screen on the back and it supports Wi-Fi and LTE connection which makes it work like a smartphone. It is heavier around 390 grams. The camera of this RoBoHoN has the capability to scan face and its microphone can easily recognize the voice. It is 19.5 cms tall and yes, all these features are available in smartphones but this is a robot.

RoBoHoN can walk, sit, get up and get down, raise its arms when it wants to tell you something. It can be your alarm watch and will wake you up in a talkative manner. It can easily do all sorts of Siri things. We have already shared many things about robot will save us from mosquito bites which cause severe diseases like dengue, Malaria etc. but this time Japanese engineers gave a companion which you can talk and play. There are many other robots that have been created which are far more intelligent than these robots, so we can say in future we will have robots and machines all over the world. They will be like personal assistant for us who will manage things, our work, our reminders and many other things without any salary. Looking at today’s development we can say the day is not far when we will get all tese services from our companion robot.

So what do you think about this new and advanced RoBoHoN, will you get it? It will be available for sale from 2016 in Japanese market.

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