Robot that can build Itself, Run and Gets Dissolved

We have seen many robot in movies, news and in many other places. They are big in size and have huge amount of power. The researchers of MIT have recently made a tiny sized robot that has the capability to fold itself, walk around, take away the loads and can even get dissolved.

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This robot is basically an origami robot which is made by using electromagnets. It takes just some seconds for these robots to build up and start following the instructions received. These can carry the small amount of loads and can dig under the garbage. The whole system of production of these robots is unique and these can be used under the complex systems like a human body or an engine.

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The most interesting thing here is that the magnets actually don’t move the robots but they vibrate in a certain direction and that builds the magnet, which keeps the robot moving in one direction steadily. The simple meaning of this is that these robots are capable of swimming in the water, move on a plastic plane. This current robot is made by using plastic, but one can build them by using any degradable material.

This robot is really an awesome tool.

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