Robot Mosquito will Save Us Deadly Diseases


Dengue, Malaria, and there are many other diseases that are caused by mosquito bites, and there are many countries who have been working hard to get rid of these diseases. In research, we found that there are more than 390 million people worldwide suffering from dengue and out of that 67-136 million people are suffering from severe dengue. Another report says that 3900 million people from 128 countries are under the risk of these diseases. It seems china found an option to get rid of this disease.

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China recently found success in their experiment of killing mosquitoes. The engineers and researchers of china developed tiny robotics mosquitoes that will kill the real male mosquitoes and, the day will come when the male species of mosquitoes will disappear, and this will vanish off the female mosquitoes as well. These tiny robots will charge themselves from solar energy and will save us from mosquitoes for years.

China has been working over this experiment for long and in a trial, they found that a group of robotic mosquito kills 90% of real mosquitoes, which is really an impressive count. So we can say in future the robotic mosquito will surround us and will save us from deadly diseases like dengue, malaria, etc.


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