Robot Electronic Flies to Monitor Surrounds

Robot electronic flying drone is designed to navigate through flying around the area. It is inspired from the vision systems of the insects which protect them from collision with the objects and detect their path.

Various researches are going on such robot tiny flying drones and decided to be used mostly for surveillance. If these drones can take over some weight with them then these can also be used for transporting relieves for humans during disaster.

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These robot flies are so small that they cannot be detected by the human eyes if they are flying in the air. It is equipped with wireless lightweight camera which offers good quality imaging. This drone weighs up to two milligrams and effective both in indoor and outdoor. It’s flying mechanism is said be faster than the flies which makes it more efficient in navigation.

Drone has the most important part i.e. eyes. Eyes are made up of electronic photo detector with high-quality lenses. It helps the device to sense the direction of motion and speed which comes in it vision area.

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This electronic fly can be programmed for its mission using a small chip. Programmers need to compute the chip as per the work they need from the drone. Researchers are seeking for eyes which can help the drone to look around 360 degree and easily stabilize in the air. Drone cannot be constructed from heavy material as it need fly longer for navigation. The concept of making eyes can also be used for making flying robots.

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