Reportedly drone hits plane in London


Have you ever flown in an economy class? Just think ones that a drone hits your windows. You will inevitably spill your peanuts, and that’s completely genuine and understandable. This is not a dream of the tale of a movie, it a real incident that happened recently and this may have lead to a serious issue than just losing some nuts.

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On Sunday, The pilot of British Airways said that he believed that a drone was flying just in front of the plane and it was about to land. As per CNN, if this incident is true then we must understand that this will be the first case in which a drone is hitting the plane of a big airline company.

The aircraft of British Airways was carrying 132 passengers and 5 crew members. The plane was Airbus A320, and it was flying from Geneva, Switzerland to London’s airport named Heathrow. At the time of landing, some idiots drone was flying just in front of the plane. Reportedly it was 12:50 PM.

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After the landing, the airport authorities inspected the plane and found that a drone hits the plane and smashed. Though the plane was excellent and it was said to continue with the flying.

A policeman told to UK Telegraph that the pilot reported about this incident to the police. There was some transpired object that hit the plane, and it seems as if it was a drone. No arrests have been made yet, and the inquiries are still processing. The aviation police are still investigating.

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There are already many strict rules when it comes to flying drones in the UK. Drones are not at all allowed to be flown near the airport and near the plane. There is also a restriction of height to 400 feet. That means no one should fly the drone above this height.

To better understand that flying a drone near to the plane is not at all a good idea and it can lead to some serious punishment especially when the drone hits the plane.

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