Recover your Lost Files and Folders with EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

Sometimes people never know what will happen in the next minute, and so does computers. A virus, wrong operation, re-installation of windows systems, and suddenly cutting off electricity will cause computer data loss. We easily download or re-build ordinary materials, however, what about personal photos and important document file? The unexpected accident will be a thunderbolt.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

Accidental data loss has been a common matter since the invention of the computer. If we fall into such situation, please calm down, we should think about what the reason is that cause data loss. If data is hidden for a computer infected by a virus, we can get them back by cleaning virus. Even if some data is deleted and seems can’t recover, don’t be downhearted, you can rescue data by EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Software. It offers advanced data recovery service and system utilities for hard disk files recovery.

Features of EaseUS Data Recovery

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Software can help you recover your files and folders so easy. The programs step by step to recover deleted, loss of damaged files and folders is easy to follow and requires no advanced knowledge to use. It can also recover formatted data or lost files from lost partitions. It supports all the Windows versions and Windows Server in 32-bit/64-bit editions.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Software uses less than 12MB of hard-disk space and you don’t need to restart the computer after the install process. The program will only use 5MB of memory smooth usage, you need to have 128MB or more to use its partition recovery, deleted file recovery and complete recovery options.

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There are various third-party data recovery tools available which can be used by a nontech user, but EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Software is the best data recovery software because it does not only effectively recover deleted file and formatted partition, but it also recovers data from data loss in a different situation.

It supports FAT16, FAT12, FAT32 and NTFS files systems and it also supports types of hardware equipment like IDE/ATA, SCSI, SATA, disc, ZIP, and any kind of external device or removable hard disk, including USB, Flash Drive. To standard picture formats. eg. BMP, GIF, JPEG, PNG, EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Software offers a function of the preview.

You can follow these steps:

  1. Download data recovery software from EASEUS website.
  2. Now double click on the downloaded file to launch the installation. You will see a welcome dialog that asks if you would like to continue, Click next. The easiest way to do the next few windows is to use default installation setting, so Click next in all windows of the installer. When you see the final dialog, check I will like to create a desktop icon, I would like to lunch data recovery wizard and click finish. That’s all.

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If your computer experienced an unexpected shutdown, software crash, virus infection, loss of data due to partition loss or damage, you can use EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Software to recover deleted files. That may sound complicated but it’s not.

If recovering a deleted file is not possible, you have nothing to worry because EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Software offers complete recovery features as your next step in recovering your important data. Check the screenshot you will find the UI and option in using Data Recovery Wizard are neat and easy to use. It has useful features and advanced options in recovering your important data.

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