3 Best Ways to Read someone’s Text Messages without Their Phone


.We all get anxious when it comes to our loved ones. They can be our kids, friends, partners, or anyone else. We all need to know whether our close ones are in good hands or they are having any trouble because of some bad company. At times parents need such apps because they want to know whether their kids are having a good, and healthy company, sometimes people use it to find out about their partners, whether they are cheating on them or not, in some other cases administrations use such tools so they would find out whether all the workers are doing their work with honesty or not.

In case you are looking forward to something like that, then this article is just for you. We have gathered some information for you to have a look at and try if you find it necessary. There are unlimited ways to read someone’s text messages without having their phone, but to pick the best ones are really hard.

There are many online sources, tools and software that claim to provide the best services but in reality most of them are nothing more than a scam. As we all know the field of IT has advanced and latest tools and software are coming into surface with better performance and enhanced features, but to choose the right tool is tough because of this huge competition, but no worries. We wrote this article just for you so you would be able to select the right tool that could do all the spying work for you.

Below are some of the best methods through which you can read text messages without having a phone:

1. Cocospy

One of the best choices when it comes to spy applications is Cocospy. There are unlimited users all over the world that are using this application. This app appeals to people because of its amazing features, and one of them is stealth-mode. By having this feature Cocospy works secretly and nobody would be able to find out where they are being spied on. It is a really safe tool that guarantees you 100% security and does all the work professionally. You don’t have to root or jailbreak the device.


There is no need to follow some tough instructions to make this tool work for you, as the set-up is quite simple and commands are simple to execute. In case you want to spy on an Android device’s text messages then you have to install the apps for once, but if its iPhone then no worries because here you should only have iCloud account details of the targeted device. Leave the rest of the work on Cocospy.

You don’t have to gain access to the targeted device physically because here everything is done remotely. Whatever the reason is, at least for once we have used or think about using a spy application that could help and read someone’s text messages without installing software  in the phone then just try out Cocospsy. Apart from gaining you access to the text messages of the targeted phone, you can also find out about their social media account details, pictures and videos that are being shared and received, call logs, track location, and many more amazing features that you couldn’t think about before.

The thing I personally like about Cocospy is that it has this incredible keylogger that allows you to find out everything that was being typed on the device. It also includes passwords of social media accounts as well. Doesn’t it sound amazing to you? Because for me this is one of the finest choices we all have today if we all up for spying.

Read someone’s Text Messages

How to Read someone’s Text Messages without Installing Cocospy

  • As first step go to Cocospy’s websiteand sign up for Cocospy. From here you will get a subscription plan that will depend on the targeted phone.
  • Here go for the on screen commands that pop up, as these will configure Cocospy for you.
  • At the end press the option that says ‘Start’ and you will be taken to Cocospy dashboard.

2. Spyic

If there is any other tool that comes up to the excellence level of Cocospy then it cannot be anyone else except Spyic. This is an amazing tool and has great features. By using this tool you are 100% safe and there is no need to be worried about your privacy, as this app works in stealth mode, so it keeps everything secure and you don’t have to be worried about being exposed. You can also track the targeted phone’s location by utilizing this app.

It is really simple to use and there is no technical formatting required while executing any command. This tool doesn’t require you to root or jailbreak the device. It has a great keylogger that allows you to know each and everything that was being done through the targeted application. It reveals everything that you sent and received through the device.

With its web based interface, you don’t have to install anything in the targeted device. You can make it work by operating it through its dashboard in any web browser without any trouble. By having a really helpful customer service team that assists you in every step is actually something amazing and cannot be overlooked.


How to Read someone’s Text Messages without Installing Spyic

  • As a first step just sign up for Spyic and get a subscription plan for your targeted device. It can be iOS or Android, as Spyic works on both devices.
  • Just go for the commands that pop up on the screen, as they will lead you through the procedure.
  • In case the targeted device is iOS, then you are supposed to confirm the iCloud account details of the user. You don’t have to do anything else at all!
  • In case the targeted device is Android, then just download and install the Spyic application from the official website. You have the choice to conceal the application for once the time it is installed.
  • At the end press the option of ‘Start.’ You are now prepared to read their messages! From here you are directed to the Spyic dashboard.

3. Spyier

The last one in our list is another excellent mobile phone monitoring application. Many users all around the world are using it. It helps you not only in allowing you to read text messages, but to gain access to the targeted device’s location. Apart from that, you can check out the names, numbers that are in the targeted device. Not only text messages, but iMessages, and social media profiles messages can also be read with the help of this app. You can also keep an eye on all the calls that are being made and received from the targeted phone.


It also access to timestamps, call durations and frequency. By having the feature of Geo-Fencing, you can now track the device on a map. When it’s crossed you are able to get an alert. It works in stealth-mode. Hence, you can do your spying conveniently. It is 100% secure and just go for it without any trouble or having second thoughts. Last but not the least. You can also gain access to the targeted device’s browsing history. Consequently, learn everything searched on the device.

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I hope that now you have sufficient knowledge to find out which tools are the best. When it comes to gaining access to the targeted device without even touching the phone physically. Your reasons behind spying can vary from one another. Like you need such tools to keep an eye on your kids, partners, or workers as well.

It doesn’t matter whatsoever the reason you have behind spying, you can choose your preferred tool and plan and make the most out of it. Numerous other tools are accessible today. However, here the ones are best ones. You will never regret after using them and they will come up to the level of your requirement easily. Just go for it and don’t waste your time in search of the right tool, because the list above is all you need to go for when it comes to spying on someone’s phone without installing anything on it or physically touching it.