RCA Universal Remote : A Complete Guide


Most of you must be familiar with what an RCA Universal remote does. But for those who are using multiple devices connected to a TV with multiple remote controls this information is for you to read through. If you have a streaming player such as Roku, Google Chromecast, Amazon Firestick, etc., a DVD/Blue-ray player, set-top box, or any other similar devices then you might be confused with having separate remote controls for each device.

Instead, if you have an RCA Universal remote, you can integrate all in one and enjoy entertainment service effortlessly. You get a quick guide for RCA Universal remote codebook and also perform RCA Universal remote code search, here.

How to program your RCA universal remote?

If you have a question in mind, “How do I program an RCA Universal remote to my TV?” then here is your answer. You can program your RCA universal remote in two ways. One is with a code search button and the other is if your remote does not have a code search button. Let us look at the solution for the first one.

Programming an RCA Universal remote if it has a code search button

You can perform this programming by entering straight into the device codes.

  • First, choose the equipment (streaming player, Blu-ray player, etc.) you want to control and then look for its device code. If you have the user manual of the remote, you can find it with its help or search online for RCA remote code finder. It will fetch you the required list.
  • Switch on the equipment you wish to pair the remote with.
  • Now press the Code search button on the remote and hold it until you find the code.
  • As holding the Code search button, consequently, select and press the button that matches your equipment, on the universal remote.
  • Within some time, when the light on the remote blinks once, key in the device remote code from the first step aforementioned. Now automatically, the light on the remote should turn off.
  • Perform multiple functions to test the remote and ensure every option is working well. If it works well, you have done the pairing perfectly, if not, here are some alternative steps to follow.

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Follow these steps only if the universal remote code does not work with performing the aforementioned procedure.

  • Power up the equipment you want to pair by switching it and turning it on.
  • Long press the Code search button on the RCA universal remote and do not leave it until the light enables on the remote.
  • Keep holding the Code search button and simultaneously, press the button on the universal remote that suits the equipment you are looking to pair.
  • Wait for the light on the remote to start blinking and until then, stay steady.
  • Now press the Power button on the RCA Universal remote to send the consecutive code to the pairing equipment. Repeat this step until the equipment turns off by itself. If it happens properly then you have got the right remote code. In case the remote light blinks four times on pressing the Power button then you have done all your best tries and the remote may not work with your equipment.
  • After the code goes right, press the Enter button on the Universal remote to save the code as it is.
  • Finally, test the remote to check if everything works fine.

Programming your RCA Universal remote control if it does not have a Code Search button

The steps may vary for programming an RCA Universal remote control with a code search and without a code search button. You can decide which one works best for you.

  • However, the first step would be powering on the equipment you intend to have control over.
  • Then press and hold the button on the RCA Universal remote control that suits the equipment you are trying to pair.
  • Wait for the light on the remote to blink once and until then do not disturb anything.

  • While still holding the equipment’s button, long-press the Power button on the RCA Universal remote. And hold it until the light turns off and turns on for just three seconds.
  • Release both the remote and device buttons, and the Power button should remain ON to show that you in pairing mode currently. If it fails to remain so, repeat points 2 and 3 to achieve the same.
  • Allow the Power button on the universal remote to scan through the available remote codes by pressing it. If your equipment turns off automatically, then you have got the right RCA Universal remote code. Again, if the light blinks four times then even after complete scanning, you do not have the code you want.
  • Now long-press the Stop button on your universal remote to store the code.
  • To make sure that the remote is functioning well, try performing as many operations as you on the remote.

In case you can see only the Power button on your remote is working and no other buttons functioning then there are two possibilities for this scenario. You would have hit a wrong button on the remote and it should have been jammed. To clear this problem, you can try the entire process again by using a different code. The second possibility is your equipment is not compatible enough for coded with an RCA Universal Remote.

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Buying an RCA Universal remote is not going to cost you much. It is about only $10 and you get more benefits out of it. But if you buy it, make sure that you have its code handy so that in code search finder, you can easily get it. Instead of having messy and confusing things for your gadget, a simple remote is available for your benefit at a lower price. Else contact any of your equipment manufacturers and get some help.