Pros and Cons of Remote Working Team


The 9-to-5 business model is starting to fade from existence. Sure, plenty of businesses still hire in-house employees that work closely with one another in an office environment. But is it absolutely necessary? Not really. The rise of remote workers paints an entirely different picture.

The beauty of hiring remote workers is telecommuting is more efficient than ever. Industrious entrepreneurs have created apps and software programs to easily manage workflows and employees from all over the world. Whether you’re using Clockspot online time clocks for employees, Trello or Basecamp to manage projects, or Slack to make communication easier than ever, just know that having a remote team is better than ever.

But just like all good things, there are negatives that go along with remote working teams as well. To help keep you informed, we’ll share the pros and cons of remote working teams with you so you better understand the potential upsides and downsides of hiring employees that work from home.

Gain Access to Top Talent from Around the World – A Tremendous Pro

Picture this… You’re about to embark on a massive app developing project and you’ll need top programmers to help you achieve your vision. While there are definitely going to be great programmers that you can hire close to home, you’d be limiting yourself tremendously by thinking so small.


When hiring remote workers, your options become so expanded that you can virtually cherry pick the best programmers – or any other type of employee – to work on your team from all around the world. And by hiring people in different geographic locations, not only will you get quality workers, but they’ll also bring new and inspiring ideas to the table that you could never possibly think of.

Distractions Can Become a Major Problem – A Definite Con

Now, some people are more suited to working remotely than others. And you may discover this lesson the hard way.

As an example, you may find an amazing person that perfectly fits the position you need filled. But they live on the other side of the world so they’d have to work for you remotely. After hiring this person for the position, you later discover that they spend in an inordinate amount of time surfing the Internet and watching videos on YouTube instead of performing their daily tasks.

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Obviously, this is going to be a major problem if you have deadlines that need to be met and you cannot count on your remote workers. So you’ll need to find the best people that really take this job seriously and it may take a while for you to put together the ideal team to meet your needs.

Expenses Are A Lot Less When Hiring Remote Workers – A Major Benefit

By hiring workers remotely, you can cut down on many of the expenses that traditional brick-and-mortar businesses are forced to pay. You’ll have no need to rent a traditional office space which will save you a great deal of money. You will not have to pay for workers compensation insurance, disability, and other typical expenses that businesses in the US have to pay.

And we’ve barely scratched the surface in regards to savings. So think long and hard about all of the money you’ll be able to keep in your pocket and consider remote workers as a viable option.

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Employee Dissatisfaction and Lack of Recognition – A Serious Bummer

Employees like to feel appreciated for their hard work. They want to be recognized when they accomplish something big for their employer. But recognition often goes by the wayside in remote working situations. This can lead to employee dissatisfaction, which ultimately leads to productivity problems and dissension among the rank-and-file.

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In Conclusion

In most cases, hiring remote workers is definitely a great idea. But all good things come at a price as we’ve discovered today. So you have to weigh the pros and cons and determine if putting together a remote working team is the best option for your business. Only you can decide.