Project Timelines – Types and Key elements

Project management is something that would be indeed a huge responsibility in itself. It needs you to go through huge numbers – in fact, dozens of methods and methodologies for effective functioning. You would need to use a host of processes and tools. However, despite the use of all the methods and methodologies, one of the most important elements you would be using is what is called Project Timeline.

What is a Project Timeline?

You would not find every project to be common or similar. But, the one feature that should be common to all the possible projects is a Project Timeline. In fact, it is exactly what would hold every project. It is a complete guide to understand what a project is looking to accomplish and how will it be accomplished.

In fact, the essence of a project will completely depend upon how well the Project Timeline has been created. If you are a project manager and looking to make the best out of your projects, you should make it a point to create effective project timelines. Creating a comprehensive and effective project timeline would be the best pointer for the perfect project and an accurate result, also required for good software development plan.

What are the Elements of Project Timeline?

The size, components and the structure of a project timeline would be ideally dependent upon the exact project you are working on. It can have several components with a host of tasks and subtasks. In some cases, it may also consist of a simple list of deadlines and tasks. The exact structure would be ideally dependent upon the project and project timeline.

Ganttpro tasks

The key elements of a Project Timeline would include

  • The complete list of tasks you would need to complete
  • The dates on which each of the tasks needs to be completed. This would be referred to as the Deadlines.
  • The duration of each of the tasks that you would want to complete
  • The interrelation between each of the tasks and subtasks.

The Types of Project Timelines

There are several types of Project Timelines you would find. There are several variations in terms like vertical and horizontal which is a change through the lines. There are different formats based on the state of the timelines. Then there are a few other options that would offer practical differentiation.

You can choose the best options that meet the best of your requirements and opt for the right options for your needs. Here are a few types of timelines that can be useful enough in meeting the right needs you may have.

Chronological Chart Timelines

The name itself should indicate the chronological order of the events. These events will take place in the left to the right mode. The events are shown in the order of succession of actions. If you are interested in a historical timeline, this can be the perfect option you would want to opt for.

The Vertical bar timelines

This type of Project timelines would be represented by the time and the amount of activity to be handled over time. You would be able to find that the project is explained and described based on the activities over a period of time.

Interactive or static timelines

A timeline that comes in the form of printed notice or note would be what you would refer to as the static timeline. You will not be able to change it anymore. It is constant and you will not be able to change it in any manner. The other option would be the timeline that is created with the help of a timeline maker. These timelines are made in the digital format. They are completely digital and they tend to be interactive in nature. You would be able to add or remove items to the timeline as per your preference.

Gantt chart timeline

The Gantt charts will show you the best option for working with your timelines. These charts are created with the help of professional project management software. You would be able to easily add, remove or even drag the timeline or the events on it. It will provide you access to the best possible easy to grasp visual depiction about the project. There are several options that can be used for creating the interactive Gantt charts.

How Powerful is a Gantt Chart?

The Gantt Chart is an excellent option for the creation of the most popular and wider range of timelines. In fact, the Gant charts have been used for many years as of now and have been one of the most prominent options for the creation of the project timelines.

The online Gantt chart provides you with an excellent option for getting a visual view of the project and its status. The timeline lets you have a clear picture of the entire project in an easy to understand format. You should be able to get a complete insight into the past, future and present status of the entire project.

Yet another excellent that you would be able to gain with a Gantt chart would be that you can have a clear understanding of the project timeline when you have dependent tasks. The Gantt chart makes it excellently perfect option for visualizing the project. In essence, the Gantt chart would be an excellent option for any type of project.

Why is it important to go with Project Timelines?

Like we have already cleared in the above paragraphs and discussion, each of the projects would need to have a project timeline. That is exactly what would make it one of the best options for the success of the project. A project timeline is an excellent option for the right type of purpose and deliverable.

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A project timeline would have the best of the details. This will include the start and end, milestones and deliverables. In addition to the proper management of the projects, you would want to use it one of the best options like providing you access to the historical events and offers you the perfect insight into the project.

The Concluding Thoughts

That should provide complete information on the project timelines and their essence. We assume the explanation and the examples provided here should be helpful. Gantt charts would be one of the perfect options you would prefer. Make the best use of them and take it to the next level!