The Project Free Tv Case Study You’ll Never Forget


Project Free Tv: Television has been one of the best things that have ever happened to humankind. In fact, it lets you get access to everything around the world, sitting in the comforts of your home. However, having to wait for a specific program to air on a particular channel has always been something some of us would not be comfortable with.

That is where a TV streaming service such as Project Free TV comes to the fore. However, there are situations where these streaming services suddenly shut down, and you are forced to look for alternatives. This is precisely what has happened with the millions of Project Free TV fans.

Why did Project Free TV shut down?

Project Free TV had been an excellent option for watching your TV programs without the need for any charges. However, the service shut down all of a sudden in July 2017. There were no warnings of whatever nature, and this left hundreds of streaming fan flabbergasted.

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Some even thought that the service is under revamp schedule and will be back soon. But, that was not to be. As things stand as of now, there are no signs of the Project Free TV coming back online. The service was free and hosted shows without copyright. That could be one of the reasons for its closure.

That is precisely why we are here looking for the best alternatives to Project Free TV. Let us check out a few sites like Project Free TV and find how they can replace your favorite service.

Best Project Free TV alternatives – A Formidable list

Before we can check out the best Project Free TV alternatives, let us bring to your notice that none of these services come from the original Project free TV owners. They, too, run the risk of closing abruptly. Besides, a few of them may or may not work in your region. It may be advisable to opt for an excellent VPN service before you can watch your shows on those services.


GoStream TV is a popular streaming service that lets you watch your favorite TV channels and series in High Definition. An ideal website for watching TV for free, it can be the best alternative for Project free TV.

However, the service comes with one downside. You will not be able to download any of your shows on the service. A vibrant interface and an excellent collection would make it a Go-To site for your TV viewing needs. If you are in doubt, you can use a useful GoStream site review.

Visit it at GoStream


Cmovies can be your one-stop solution for all your favorite movies out there. In fact, what makes it one of the Project Free TV alternatives is the fact that it even provides you access to the latest movies.

The site does not need registration and offers you excellent search functionality. You can search your movies based genres or year of release. Make sure to avoid any sort of clickbait ads visible on the site to be on the safer side.

Check it out at this link.


This is yet another excellent alternative for Project Free TV movies and serves you with a host of high-end features. You can be assured of getting access to a1080p HD resolution for almost all the TV shows and movies hosted on the service.

The site specializes in TV shows, and you may not find many movies being hosted there. The vintage televisions shows are what would make it one of the best options and a reliable alternative to Project Free TV.

You can get to know more about it here


SolarMovie is one of the most popular services in the realm of movie streaming services and has been known to movie lovers around the world. In fact, it is one of the exceptional movie streaming services that offer sharing options, which should be an indication to prove that they are quite official to some extent.

If you find it once, you will indeed never want to move another Solarmovie alternative. The ease of search and a well-curated library of movies and TV shows should make it an excellent choice for almost all your needs. It also has several variations. Make sure you are opting for the SolarMovie official site.

Want to check them out? Here you go – SolarMovie One


If you have been a die-hard Project free TV fan and missing it like anything, BMovies should be an ideal alternative you can go with. The service hosts a wide range of movies with plenty of options. You can be assured of high-quality streaming making it one of the great choices for a trouble-free movie viewing experience.

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The user interface and the arrangement of movies are quite impressive. The easy to use search bar makes it a more comfortable option to find your movies and TV shows with ease. There are too many ads which could be one of the enormous negative points though.

Check the site here

 HDO movies

You can have access to all your wonderful movies and TV shows. The filtering options offered by the platform impressed us quite a lot. You can easily filter your movies and TV shows with a host of filtering options based on the genre, such as action, adventure, sci-fi, and horror, to name a few.

HDO Movies lets you watch your favorite and TV series with ease. In fact, the service does provide you access to the latest movies as well. Yet another best part with the streaming service is it does not need you to register on the site to watch your favorite shows.

Want to gain more info? You can check them out here.

A few precautions you need to take if you want to watch Project Free TV alternatives

Of course, we do not endorse piracy at any cost. If you are checking out the best Project Free TV alternatives, follow the tips here for assured safety.



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The Closing Thoughts

Well, if you are saddened because of the closure of Project Free TV, the list of the best alternatives here should ideally offer you an exciting choice of the movie viewing experience. Check them out and tell us which among them did you like the most.

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