Productive Project Management: How to Keep Employees Engaged


The amount of resources and productivity lost from lack of engagement every year is astounding. Excellent project management can help your business attain its goals with precision and speed. Business News Daily reports that distracted workers are costing American companies more than $650 billion dollars a year. When it comes to completing projects, you need employees engaged so that they can deliver. Consider some ways to amplify employee engagement on projects.

Use Pre-Planning and Preparation

Excellent project management requires ample planning and preparation so that all team members know the specifications of their tasks. Changing plans in the middle of a project can not only be costly, but you can wear out your team and prevent them from producing something beneficial by the deadline. With ample plans, you can ensure that a project is designed to meet all of the fundamental standards required. Supply everyone with the necessary information from the beginning to limit time-consuming mistakes later.

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Setting clear goals for each project is imperative for adequate pre-planning and preparation. Goals and objectives serve as guidelines for each project so that all efforts can be focused. Although you may not be able to plan for every single circumstance, having a general outline offers guidance for both managers and employees along the way.

Put the Right People On the Job

A great project manager is able to choose members of the team, based on their strengths. If you put the best set of employees on the job, the project can come out far greater than you can imagine. In addition, encourage input from employees to see which projects that they may want to work on. When employees want to be a part of something, engagement comes naturally. Create project teams in advance and alert team members early so that they are prepared for the collaborative efforts to come.

Avoid Micromanagement

Although some oversight is necessary, don’t make the mistake of sabotaging an employee’s ability to remain engaged and produce well. Peering over the shoulders of your employees can make them feel less comfortable and competent at work. A confident workforce can move forward with the tasks necessary to accomplish projects without having to take up the time and energy of managers. This allows management to focus more on the project’s overall direction and other decisions that may affect development instead.

Keep Employees Connected

Maintaining great communication throughout a project helps to accelerate productivity. If employees are unsure why, how, and when they are to take action, then their level of engagement and output will be lower. Avoid confusion by informing all members of a team on the nature of a project and what the expectations are for all involved. When there is clarity, the air is ripe for meaningful communication.


Ensuring that workers understand the finer details of the portion of the project that they are responsible for minimizes error and quickens production rates. Software keeps employees connected so they can perform their best. Shopify access key to connect as many users who are necessary for ecommerce functions. Unlike, big commerce enterprise ,

you can configure staff accounts and set permissions within minutes. This gives your employees the tools that they need to stay connected with administrators and interact with customers.

Empower Them to Perform

When an employee cannot fulfill his or her part of a project, effectiveness and engagement sinks. Empowering each team with all of the tools and supplies necessary to work is crucial to complete projects. Employees that understand their job and are committed to performing good can stay engaged. Some employees may need training before they can execute more difficult projects that require complex interactions. You can empower your workforce by providing thorough training for new workers, and update those who have experience on any changes to procedure and protocol so that they can perform accordingly.

Limit Distractions

Employees that are engaged are less distracted during projects. Condemning unproductive activities that are unrelated to work can make the entire staff more efficient. Minimize smartphone use during work hours to limit work flow interruption from outside phone calls, social media scrolling, and random internet surfing sessions. Encourage conversation between team members that must work together, and tell employees to reserve idle chatter for lunch breaks and after work.

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Offer Rewards and Recognition

One way to keep employees engaged on projects is to offer rewards and recognition for great performance. Showing your appreciation for employee by giving them an award or recognition at work can go a long way in developing their morale. Team members who perform well can be rewarded with gift cards, dinner at a fancy restaurant, or with some other type of bonus. Employees who do not do so well on projects may be motivated to gain a reward or praise.

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Keeping employees and managers happily engaged increases employee satisfaction and productivity. If all are focused on completing projects well and on time, then the company can be more successful in many aspects. Consider doing personal meetings with each employee to develop a stronger working relationship that fosters greater engagement. When workers are unified and dedicated to finishing a project, it can be completed faster and more effectively.