Portfolio WordPress Themes: Advice from TemplateMonster’s Experts


It is now common for freelancers and other experts to use their WordPress sites to include a portfolio that shows their skills, achievements and what they can do. It is a way of looking for clients since they can easily contact you if they like your portfolio. A WordPress portfolio differentiates itself from the normal blogs. However, this is not all you should know about portfolio WordPress themes according to experts; you need an interactive theme that will allow you to create an attractive portfolio.

There is no need to worry because TemplateMonster, a reputable seller of portfolio WordPress themes, has got you covered. They have numerous interesting and ready-made themes and templates from which you can choose. All their themes are likely to capture the attention of clients, but you have to choose one to blend well with your WordPress blog site.

Benefits of Choosing TemplateMonster’s Portfolio Themes

Now that you know where to get the best portfolio themes, it is time to tell you the benefits you are likely to experience. One of the customer relations agents at the TemplateMonster website says that you will start to enjoy the benefits as soon as you begin using the theme. Here is what you need to know.

Highly customizable themes – the website confirms that they will assist with customization. The good thing is that the process does not require you to be a web designer. They have made their themes so that you will find it easy to customize them to suit your needs. If you have selected a portfolio theme that is similar to the theme of your website, then customization will be simple.

Attractive and easy to read – creating a website from scratch is a complex process. If you see a website theme that is easy to read and looks good, then it means the brains behind it worked especially hard. All portfolio WordPress themes from TemplateMonster are prepared by skilled experts to deliver the best to customers. To put it plainly, they provide the best value for money out there. You must try them now to enjoy.

Works in harmony with all WordPress websites – lack of compatibility is a fear that most clients have. But TemplateMonster promises the best coding that allows their themes to be compatible with any WordPress site. The good thing is that their customer relations and tech support teams are always available to assist should there be a problem, which is very rare. You can feel very confident when buying themes from them.

Popular Portfolio WordPress Themes from TemplateMonster

This seller has a good reputation. In addition to receiving the above and many other benefits when you purchase wordpress portfolio themes from TemplateMonster, they offer a wide variety of templates from which to choose. Let us go through the best sellers and their features below.



The handyman can have an excellent solution for a website by paying only USD 75. This WordPress theme is best suited for carpentry, home construction and repairs and electrical work among many other similar jobs. It has an interesting UI that is fast and efficient to allow potential clients to have the best user experience. It can accommodate up to 30 pages to create as many portfolios for your services as possible. There is also an option of utilizing an amazing gallery to showcase your work as part of the business portfolio.



If you are in a business that offers services like consulting, online tutoring or many other services, this is the best multipurpose theme to settle on. TemplateMonster offers it to you at any time for just USD 75, and you get to enjoy incredible features prepared by the best experts. Notably, it is a very responsive WordPress theme that will not disappoint you. It will transform your entire website to make it look professional and ready to offer the listed services. Your business portfolio will have a completely different appearance.

Monstroid WordPress Theme

The experts at TemplateMonster have proposed this as the best WordPress theme that offers tons of solutions to clients. Installing the theme is easy even without the help of an expert because it comes with instructions. If you would like to customize your website, the steps are as easy as one-two-three. For only USD 79, TemplateMonster will sell you this theme, but you can pay a little more to get other features like plugins that will improve the services you receive from the theme. It allows people to showcase what they offer to customers in an excellent way apart from writing typical blogs. Therefore, it is an exceptional portfolio WordPress theme to consider.

Soothery WordPress Theme


Leisure is a necessary activity that cannot be taken away from people. If you have a spa that offers various services, it is time to create a portfolio that stands out from the rest. Therefore, going for the best is the only choice. Soothery is a portfolio WordPress theme from TemplateMonster that offers highly customizable pages and an interactive interface. It only goes for USD 75 like many other themes offered by this seller.



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TemplateMonster assures visitors that they will “love” this coffee house portfolio WordPress theme. For those who are running a restaurant, you need to tell the customers what you offer in the best way. Your portfolio may include the menu of what is offered at your business. The Arabusta theme promises to deliver all this in an amazing way. It is also highly customizable because you may need to change the menu and daily specialties frequently. Therefore, it is very modifiable and only costs USD 75.

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According to experts at TemplateMonster, your business deserves the best to ensure it succeeds. The best portfolio WordPress themes make everything look professional and easy to follow on your website. The above are a few out of the many offered by TemplateMonster. You can visit their website through the link provided above to view all they have to offer you. Additionally, using their themes has many benefits like the ones we have mentioned above.

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