Pebble Launches 3 New Wearables on Kickstarter


Pebble may have been eclipsed by Samsung, Apple, and other bigger brands when it comes to wearables but it does have the distinction of being one of the first brands in the class. More importantly, however, it has shown no inclination of slowing down in its mission to push the boundaries of the technology and break new ground, which is reflected in the three pebble new wearables it has launched on Kickstarter.

Introducing the Pebble 2, Time 2, and Pebble Core

Putting up all the three pebble new wearables at once on Kickstarter may be a bold move, but considering Pebble has an impressive track record of getting the funding it needs from the platform (and delivering on its promises), it expects to do so once again.

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The three devices that Pebble launched recently are:

 Pebble 2

Essentially the much-anticipated next edition of the original Pebble, Pebble 2 incorporates the features of the more recent Pebble Time while also including a microphone and a heart rate monitor. Although it still features a black and white e-paper display and a plastic case, there is a certain sharp quality about it.

Time 2

As the successor to the Time and Time Steel, Time 2 resembles the latter more with a sleek metallic appearance. It also comes with a heart rate monitor and microphone. It does have better battery life and a larger color screen than its predecessor.

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Pebble Core

The new entry into the Pebble family is interesting in more ways than one. Mostly a small Android computer, the pebble core can clip onto your clothes or easily fit onto a keychain. It comes with GPS inbuilt and can sync with various fitness trackers while also streaming and storing music. All in all, it is an excellent device for runners and fitness buffs, though hackers will be thrilled by its capacity to be customized.

Effectively the newly announced additions to the Pebble family positions it correctly to take on the current fitness trackers such as Fitbit. While offering a range of options to suit different tastes and preferences, Pebble still plays to its strengths by ensuring that its sleek interface and long-lasting battery life remain as reliable as ever.

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