Why is there a need for a PDF Converter?


PDF Converter: PDF files have become one of the highly efficient and prominent document options you would find quite effective in handling communication. In fact, they offer you complete protection of the formatting errors, irrespective of the device you are checking out the document on. That is precisely what has made it a preferred option by almost all the businesses.

Why is there a need for a PDF Converter?

Well, we all know that PDF files offer excellent cross-platform compatibility. That makes them a great option to go with on any platform. Why do we need to convert a PDF file into a Word document then?

A valid question. But, there is a reason you would need a powerful and efficient PDF to Word converter. PDF files are quite difficult to edit and work with. You would either want to use a unique tool for the purpose. Instead of using the tool that can come with a paywall, it would be a better alternative to use a PDF to WORD converter.

While there are several excellent options available for converting your PDF files into Word, we found one excellent tool in the form of PDF Wiz which has proved itself to be a perfect option with a host of advanced features.

PDF Wiz – A Powerful PDF Converter

PDF Wiz is essentially a perfect and powerful tool specifically designed for the Windows platform. It can be an excellent choice for use with those who are using a wide range of PDF documents. You can convert the files with ease to any of the file formats with ease.

PDF Wiz can convert the PDF files into a host of file formats such as Microsoft Word,  Powerpoint or PPTX slides, Excel, editable TXT files, Html, or even Image files such as JPG, PNG, TIFF or other image formats. Yet another excellent functionality we found quite perfect with the tool is it does not need you to have any sort of online functionality. That would make it one of the excellent tools ever.

What are the features that it offers?

The tool does come with a host of advanced features and options that would make it one of the excellent options. Some of the best options available on the platforms would include the following-

Security features and Functions

The user-friendly functionality offered by the service is yet another great option ever. We would consider it one of the great options compared to most of the competing PDF converters currently available. In fact, even newbies should be able to achieve the best performance.

Security features offered by the platform would be what would ideally make it a great choice. The details of the file are kept intact.

Plenty of file formats

Like we have already specified, the tool comes with support for plenty of file formats. You would find it offering it a great performer ever.

PDF Converter

You would find the PDF Wiz tool offering support for file formats such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. You can even check out the other options such as DOC and DOCX based on your exact requirements.

Image Conversion options

That should be yet another huge advantage offered by PDF Wiz. While the tool has proved its efficiency in converting your PDF files into other formats, it can also be used to convert your image files into PDF.

The tool does support image files such as JPG, TIFF, BMP, or PNG format. You would also be able to convert the files from Word into other image files. That would ideally make it a great option and offers you a Win-Win situation.

How to use PDF Wiz to convert PDF files? The steps involved in converting your PDF files would be much more comfortable and simple. A perfect and user-friendly performance should be one of the great options ever.

Here are the steps involved in converting PDF files with ease –

  • Download and install PD Wiz from the official site.
  • Launch the application when it is installed.

PDF Converter

  • Click on the option Word to PDF.
  • On the next page, drag the file that you want to convert. You can even click on the option Add File and browse the file from your computer.

PDF Converter

  • Once you have added the required file, you can click on Convert Now.
  • You can specify an output folder as well if you need to. If you do not specify a separate folder of your choice, your converted file will be saved in the default directory.

How would we rate the PDF Wiz tool?

Well, we would consider it one of the greatest ever options in the long run. We found it offered an excellent conversion functionality that would compete even with the most popular and premium services. In case your PDF file is complex in nature, you would find that it getting a little difficult.

The tool also packs in a host of other features such as managing your passwords or splitting and merging your PDF files. We found each of the factors and features working in a most positive and practical manner.

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One of the excellent features we loved extremely with the PDF Wiz is that it does offer you a high functionality in compressing your PDF files.

In Conclusion

Well, PDF Wiz doubles up as both a right service provider in terms of both PDF editor and a PDF converter with simplicity. One of the excellent service providers, it beats almost every other paid services in the sphere of PDF Conversion. It packs in almost every feature you have ever wanted to have in your choice of the best service provider in converting your PDF files or even editing it to some extent.

After all, the tool is entirely free to use and should be something you would definitely want to give a try to.