Partial Win for Apple over Samsung


The Appeal court of US fined Samsung for copying the patented design of Apple-related to iPhone. The court ordered the lower court to reduce the amount of fine Samsung has to pay to Apple. Previously court charged Samsung a fine of $930 million, but this amount is reduced to around $548 million after Samsung filed it separately.

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As per the three-judge panel of the appealing court, Samsung has copied some features and areas of iPhone-like GUI, front of the phone, and some key software elements which include gesturing, double-tap to zoom, bezel, and bounce back scrolling. After that, the court though out the case related to the overall look of the iPhone and this is done on the basis of appealing part Apple stated that the shape and GUI icon location makes it easier to use.

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These rules closed the patent war among the two in 2011 except this one. The other case was in relation to the patented software that was found installed in galaxy series phones.


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