10 ways parental control helps in protecting children


The generation that parents are raising is the generation of techie kids. Even toddlers like to play with or on tablets. Almost every school has computers and the use of the internet in their curriculum. It is important to provide kids with mobiles and computers. These help in connecting with them anytime anywhere and also assist them in learning.

However, this also exposes them to many kinds of threats and content that they may not be able to handle. This is where the parental control apps come to your rescue. These apps have many features and allow you to keep an eye on your children in multiple ways. There are some sources on the internet which claim to provide mobile tracker free. But this is not necessarily true. You should weigh all the aspects to avoid falling prey to these tempting offers. There are several ways these apps can help.

Device monitoring

Many apps help you in keeping a tab on your child’s device. You can check emails, texts, social media profiles, and other features. Some apps also give you alerts on finding words like drugs etc.

Manage searches

With the help of parental control apps, you can put a check on what your child can see in the searches. The internet is flooded with all sorts of information and not everything is ideal for your child. You can block websites and filter adult content, images, and video.

Block certain game features

Some games allow the player to surf the internet, make purchases, and talk to other players. While this adds more fun to the game, you may not like your child to use credit cards or talk to strangers. You can set up a user profile to restrict these features.

Location tracking

Many apps come with GPS. You can track your child’s location. These apps also allow you to set up a range. These apps notify you for every entry and exit from the defined range. 

Develop good cyber safety habits

Cyber-crime is a multimillion-dollar industry. These criminals generally target people with poor safety habits. Your children are learning constantly. During this process, they are likely to develop habits that can project them to danger like giving away too much information.

Set limit for screen time

Apps and games on mobiles are addictive. These are affecting adults let alone children. Poor eyesight, bad posture, lack of sleep and physical activities are common issues with children due to this addiction. You can limit the screen time your children would spend on these devices.

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Defend online reputation

Kids and teens almost flood social media with their posts. They put almost everything like personal images and videos on the internet. This can put their privacy and reputation in jeopardy. You can check the security and privacy setting of their accounts.

Data back-up

Children often have a big compilation of memories in images, videos, texts, and emails. Also, they sometimes do their projects and homework using the internet. You can make sure that these things are stored safely. 

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Teach cyber etiquette

Parenting apps helps you in developing cognitive skills for better decision making. You can teach your children the etiquette of using the internet. You can educate them for not involving in cyber-bullying, unethical-hacking, etc.

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Customized control

Most of the parental control apps are customizable. You use various features based on your children’s activities and routines. These apps help you in knowing your child better and keeping them safe in a way that is appropriate for you.