Operate Your Smart Watch Without Touching

Apple launched its new smart watch more than a month ago, but there are some drawbacks of having a computer strapped onto your wrist. The biggest drawback is that you have to engage your other hand as well in order to operate.

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Aria is the latest new band that will definitely solve this issue and make you feel frustration free. This is just a band that can be strapped with your smart watch, and after that you can control your smart watch just by the gestures of your fingers.

In the coming week, the team of Aria is launching two versions of the latest new bands. The first version will cost around $69. It will get connected directly to the watch and it does not require any battery or Bluetooth connection.

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The other version will cost around $169 which will be a premium one. This will be a standalone one and it will have its own battery, it can be connected to any watch band. These bands may not be able to control the Apple watch directly and so an SDK will be needed so that it can communicate properly with the watch.

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