The OnePlus 3 Release Date, Price and Features


OnePlus 3 release date, extra features and price

An exciting new feature that we might see in the phone is ultra-fast charging using Oppos VOOC fast charging technology, as rumors say the phone might have a retina scanner as well, we cant just wait for this phone to arrive.

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As for the One Plus 3 release date, the company hasn’t made any official announcement yet but we are hoping this phone will be made available to us by the end of May. Talking about the price; during the launch of One Plus2, the company laid hints that the next phone will be cheaper and high tech featuring as well, the price will be around $250-$350 which seems quite reasonable when looking at the phone’s specs.

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A look at the expected features of the phone

The upcoming flagship phone from Oppo is said to arrive in two different models based on RAM and storage sizes, the base phone will sport a 4GB RAM and 32GB storage whilst the upper model as what rumors say will have a massive 6GB RAM and 64GB storage.

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This also means that One Plus will be putting an end to 16GB storage models once and for all. Talking about the camera the phone will have HD 16 MP rear camera and 8MP front camera. The phone is said to come in the general 5-inch size with HD display and a snapdragon 820 processor.

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