Best Iphone Apps Frontback to Come Down the Chartbusters

Who among us had not clicked a selfie picture in their lives? I guess, nobody is left to do that. All of us have been there and done that. We have had also witnessed a pool of applications that allowed us to take prettier selfies and upload it instantly—yeah! Instagram probably—and acquire the requisite attention of friends and colleagues. With the dying craze of the selfie, a lot of apps are also dying.

The craze of selfie had led to amazing innovations and some exquisite mobile applications had emerged from nowhere. One of the best iPhone apps Frontback, which was once referred to as the next Instagram, is now ready to go obsolete forever and ever on 15th August.

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Twitter was once reported interested in the acquisition of this application, then what happened? After raising a whopping sum of $4 million, the investors and the founder has decided to shut down Frontback.

Ashton Kutcher and Jack Dorsey are the named celebrities who were huge fans of this amazing back. These celebrities are known to be heartbroken with the decision of the boards to shut the app down.

The designer and the founder of the Frontback, Fredd wrote emotional letters to all the fans and the well-wishers out there. He wrote thanks in very humble words and also expressed his heartfelt gratitude for the amazing support and love from around the world.

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What he stated as the reason of shutdown was bit innocuous and it was nothing other than Innovation. Fredd promised the world of a return with a better and an innovative product.

The world is definitely going to miss Frontback and everyone will keep an eye of Fredd for some amazing creation in the future.

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