What the Heck Is ODIN Download?-How to use it


ODIN Download: Samsung has been one of the prominent manufacturers of smartphones and they have been able to give a stronger competition to the likes of Apple. One of the best things that we have noticed with Samsung is it makes the stock firmware images readily available. Even flashing them onto your smartphone is not any tough either. ODIN is what would help you achieve the toughest task in a few easier steps. If you are confused about what is ODIN and how to use it, we present the complete information on ODIN and multiple functionalities that the tool has on offer.

What Is ODIN?

ODIN is, simply put, a software for flashing the firmware on your Samsung smartphone. Yes, please note that the tool will work only with Samsung Galaxy devices and not with any other smartphone model or manufacturer.

In fact, the tool was developed and used by Samsung for its internal usage. Though it was primarily designed for installing or repairing the stock firmware images, of late the software has also been widely used for flashing custom firmware images as well.

The ODIN software is available for use only on Windows systems. It can run on any version of Windows right from Windows XP to Windows 10. The tool can also be used for unbricking your device by flashing the custom recovery through it.

What are The benefits of using ODIN?

Well, as we have already made it clear in the above paragraphs, ODIN download would help you handle the issues you may be facing with your Samsung Galaxy Devices. Some of the uses that you can put ODIN to good use can be explained as

  • You can use ODIN to flash the stock firmware.
  • It can be useful in bringing your Samsung back to life when it is bricked or does not respond.
  • You may also use it to flash custom recovery or firmware with ease.
  • If you are technically knowledgeable, you may also use ODIN to flash kernels as well.
  • This is one of the best tools to root your Samsung device through the root packages that can be used to flash through ODIN.
  • That should be just a representative list of benefits and uses that ODIN can help you with. It can communicate with your Samsung device through USB connectivity.

How To Download ODIN for PC?

ODIN is originally meant for internal use at Samsung. There is no way to understand when exactly was it made public. We are not sure whether Samsung itself made it public, but there are a few documents or troubleshooting guides from Samsung that suggest users make use of ODIN.

You can find the ODIN version suitable for your model over the internet, though there is no official source for the file though. However, the closest to the official link can be obtained from the Samsung ODIN Community.

Do note that the version of ODIN you would be able to find from different sources  including the community link we shared above provides you the leaked versions and there is a reason to believe that the sources are leaked by Samsung themselves.

Here are few important download links that may be useful https://samsungodin.com/

You may find the older versions of the internet as well. If you are on an older device running on Android Ice Cream Sandwich or Gingerbread, version 1.85.0 should be enough for your requirements.

Here are the steps you can download and make it ready to use Odin whatever requirements you have. Odin can be used for a variety of purposes including flashing custom firmware, rooting or unrooting your Samsung device, or even flashing the stock firmware. The actual usage guide should be dependent upon the purpose that you are going to use Odin for.

  • Download any of the ODIN versions you would want to use.
  • Extract the two files in the zip file at an appropriate location on your device.
  • Whenever you need to work with ODIN, you can launch by opening the Odinxx.xx.exe file.

What are the requirements you need to Check Before Using Odin?

Here are the basic requirements you will need to ensure before opting for ODIN

  • Samsung Galaxy Device (Isn’t that quite obvious?)
  • Access to Samsung stock firmware suitable for your device.
  • Samsung USB drivers. You can install them through Samsung Kies or any other reliable online sources.
  • USB Debugging option enabled on your device.

How To Use Odin to Flash Stock Firmware?

Well, there are several ways you can put Odin to use to troubleshoot your Samsung devices. Well, you would need to download the appropriate firmware for your device. Do note that you will need to have access to the model number of your smartphone. It should be noted that wrong firmware can brick your device further beyond repairs.

You may get the appropriate stock firmware for your Samsung device from a few good sources. Some of the worthy mentions for the Samsung Stock Firmware can be listed as

  • Updato.com
  • Samsung-Updates
  • Sammobile

Here are the steps involved in flashing the custom firmware for your Samsung device. Go through the steps carefully

Check out the Aptoide IOS installation Guide for IOS devices.

Boot Your Device in Download Mode

A host of Android devices would need you to have access to bootloader or fastboot so as to get access to flashing firmware images and files. Samsung does this through Download Mode. Getting into download mode is not tough either. Just press Home, Volume Down, and Power buttons simultaneously and release them when you the Samsung boot screen. When the device boots up, press Volume Up so that the device is ready to get connected to ODIN.

Install The Stock Firmware

Make sure you have already downloaded the stock firmware using any of the options we have listed above. We assume you have successfully downloaded the appropriate version of ODIN as explained in the above paragraphs.

Launch ODIN by double-clicking on the EXE file as explained above. Once you launch ODIN, you can boot your Samsung device into Download mode. The steps involved have been explained above. Now, connect your device to the computer using the USB cable.

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ODIN should now detect your device. When it does, the Com port on your ODIN should turn Yellow or Blue. The color change will depend upon the version of Odin you are using. You should also find the message Added! That would indicate a successful connection.

Now click on the AP button so that you can add the firmware file. In older versions of ODIN, you may need to choose the PDA button. Navigate to the firmware file you downloaded in the above steps and choose the .tar/.tar.md5 file. Make sure the Options section has Auto Reboot and F. Reset Time boxes have been checked. Everything else should remain unchecked. Take a little time to ensure that all the settings are perfect. Once you are confirmed that all the sections have been set properly, click on the Start button on ODIN.

Wait for a couple of minutes till the flashing process is completed. You should get a confirmation through the message Pass! Your phone should reboot automatically and the process completed.

Note  If for any reason, you happen to see the Fail! The message, you may consider removing the battery and restarting your phone. You may also use some other version of ODIN and repeat the entire procedure. In fact, the ODIN message box should give you a clear idea of the reason for failure.

What Else Can I use Odin For?

Well, there are several ways and options you can use ODIN for. You may also use it for flashing the recovery if you have any issues with the phone starting up.

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The procedure involved in flashing the files would remain the same as explained in the above tutorial. You just need to ensure that the file you would want to flash in the .tar/.tar.md5 format. Choose it in AP or FDA as the case may be and select the file.

Before We Conclude.

Well, that should be the complete explanation of what is ODIN and how to use it. In fact, we would treat it as one of the safest ways you can use to flash the custom firmware or stock firmware on your Samsung device. What makes it more reliable is the fact that the tool has been designed by Samsung and the most used one by the official Samsung service centers. That is what gives it the additional security.

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However, to ensure that the Odin version you are downloading is genuine and is obtained from a genuine site. Getting it from a grey site may infect your Windows PC with malware and other infections.

Moreover, we have taken extreme care in explaining the steps involved in downloading and using Odin on your Windows PC here. Each of the steps has been explained in a finer detail so that you will find it simpler to follow and understand. In fact, it is the only method that you can use to unbrick your Samsung device in case it has gone inoperable for any reason.