Nvidia Shield Tablet is the most favorite for hardcore gamers. The company went on the back foot this summer because of the battery fire hazard, but now the company is recovering its market by sending replacements to the affected customers. The company has launched the NVidia Shield Tablet again in the market today for $199 which is $100 less than the real price.

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Configuration of Nvidia Shield Tablet

The configuration of this new NVidia Shield Tablet is the same. It has a massive 8-inch Display with 1920 X 1200 resolution display. Nvidia K1 processor powers it with 16GB of Memory Space, and one can expand the storage by using MicroSD card. Android Lollipop is the Operating System that one can upgrade to Marshmallow 6.0. There is no news about the 32GB version, so we think NVidia is not interested in launching the tablet with 32GB. Today’s announcement included only the 16GB version.

What are the workers saying?

NVidia didn’t say anything on the fire breakout instead they used the word “Bringing Back” the NVidia Shield Tablet only because it’s the demand of the customers. If one thinks that the company has fixed the battery-related issues, then one can go ahead with the new version of the tablet.

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Some Unique Features

This tablet has the capability to stream games from your PC directly to the Nvidia’s cloud service. One can easily play the most popular games like Half-Life 2, Portal, etc. so if you are a core gamer, then you must try out this new tablet launched by NVidia as you can enjoy top quality games with this.

Our Expectations

Since we know Nvidia is the best in the industry of gaming devices and they have been launching super-powered graphic cards for PC’s and Consoles for a long time, and so we can trust them and expect that the issue is fixed.

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