Can Change “Ok Google” Hot-word Google Assistance


Finally, Google Home is now in front of you with the new noise-sensitive setting that many of us have been awaiting. Google’s voice assistant feature Ok Google and Hey Google can now be used to adjust noise in high traffic areas at home. Including the kitchen, living room, etc. Therefore, to make it easy for music lovers Google has introduced the hot word Google Assistance sensitive setting for smart speakers. It has been designed in such a way that Google Assistant can be used to increase its possibility of hearing you in a noisy room. Meanwhile, it decreases the number of false activations when you are in a quiet room.

Going forward, users who love talking to Google Assistance can see a new prompt about the new feature’s arrival once launched. Also, it guides them on how to use the hot word sensitivity feature. Be it increasing or decreasing depending on their variant home environment. Google is likely to launch this feature in the forthcoming weeks. It allows users to access the hot word sensitivity under the Google Home app’s Settings menu. Irrespective of the number of devices you use, Google Assistant lets you change or adjust the speaker’s sensitivity depending on the room’s tendency. Google has planned to release the feature with language support in English at present. Meanwhile, it is working on for multi-language support for users in other countries.

How to use the hot word Google Assistance new sensitivity setting?

Google Assistant is a wonderful technology and fun to use as well. You can access it on your smartphone and tablet, and also on smart speakers and displays. The device when integrated with the hot word sensitivity is convenient and comfortable to use. But you may find it hard to activate in case you are in a noisy room. The hot word sensitivity feature combines with Google Assistant’s Voice match feature. It allows the Assistant to identify your own voice to instruct your wish list in households. This works well if there is more than one person in the room where the device is also played.

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Here are the simple steps to use this hot word sensitivity feature

However, you can follow these steps once the feature is deployed into the device.

  • Enable the Google Home app and recognize the device in which you would like to change the wake word sensitivity feature.
  • This feature should be compatible with OG Google Home, Google Home Mini, Home Max, Nest Hub, and Hub Max. If you require suggestions on where to buy these devices, you can view it at the bottom of this article.
  • To select the device to adjust, tap its name. Then tap the Settings icon, which will be visible in the upper right corner.
  • Scroll a bit down and you will see Device Settings. Now under Device Settings, tap the Google Sensitivity option.
  • You can see a slider that appears on the screen. To hear your voice more clearly, drag the slider higher, and to lessen your voice, drag it lower. If it is adjusted properly then do the same procedure to your other speakers as well if necessary.

Suggestions to buy a smart speaker

There are several sources to buy a smart speaker of your choice. You can buy it in a physical store or online as well. Buying an original Google Home is recommended. It cost you around $100, whereas if you want to buy Google Home Max, it costs around $300. You also have Google Home Mini available for $50 online. However, all these devices cater to the same type of features more or the less you can even consider buying from Best Buy. It is the best online store for electronics and computer accessories. There are some third-party speakers such as JBL Link 300, which costs around $250. Also, available in almost any electronics store- both physically and online as well. Nevertheless, buying a reliable device always makes you experience its usage with good quality.

How to enable Google Home for listening to your favorite music?

The purpose of Google Home is to function according to your voice instruction. Once the Google Home set up is complete, instruct the device to play your favorite song with your voice. In case you do not remember the song name or album name, you can say the in between lyrics. You can play songs from Google Play Music, Spotify, Pandora, and YouTube also. Depending on your collection list, you can set one app as your default for playing music. Consequently, you can even play songs from other apps as well, but the device first picks songs from the default app that you have integrated.

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What activities can you get done from the Google Home device?

“Hey, Google” is an interesting and smart invention of Google to act as an Assistant. Its intensive technology can create wonders if you know how to make use of it perfectly. Here are some tips to make the best out of your Google Home device.

  • You can easily connect any number of smart devices to Google Home, provided not all devices are at the same place in your home.
  • Use Google Home efficiently by automating as many things as possible by using your voice control.
  • Google Home now provides you endless and tired-free shopping until you decide to stop.
  • Making a call using Google Home is already possible but reading and replying to messages is also now on use. Without using your phone, you can now do multi-tasking with Google Home.
  • You can get a reminder of your everyday schedule with customization using Google Home. You have to use the universal command “Tell me about my day”.
  • Make use of the features that are integrated with Google’s ecosystem, along with gaining knowledge on several other products of Google.

Google is in every aspect of our life right from the kitchen till finding out what is inside you. Let us wait for hot word noise sensitivity to hang on with the wonderful Google Home device.