Now use Visa Ring to Make Purchase


Isn’t your wealth can be expressed by wearing your visa cards and can be used to buy things to adorn your lifestyle? This has been possible now with the NFC-enabled rings that can make purchases at the contactless payments. Used to make the payment quick and reliable with the Visa Updates. There is no need to pull out your cards or phones, just give a tap to the ring and make hassle-free payment.

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This is not a fairytale idea!! The technology savvy world has made numbers of smart rings that are passed through Kickstarter and also claims to offer contactless payment. The Visa Updates claims their ring to be the first visa account ring. The ring design is quite simple and is made from ceramic. The option of the ring color is just white or black. The loop of the ring outfitted with NFC as like of smartphones and various other wearables. The Visa claims that the ring contains a secure microchip in it which is tied to the account of the wearer.

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These Visa rings are to be given to 45 athletes of the Rio 2016 Olympics. This is a technical demo to just the wireless payment method, and there is no update of offering them wider to others. This is quite easy and reliable to make small gadgets making wireless payments. So if Visa Updates are probably doing so, then this feature can be added to other wearables too. Let’s see their success and hope the best.

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Obviously, it is a significant renovation to ordinary Credit and debit cards or even if compared to NFC Tags, Andriod pay. One can rely on it without any hesitation. Though it is still in a beta development stage when it reaches out to the people, everyone will be excited to have it. Kudos to visa updates for such innovation.

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