Now, Host Free Video Conferences on Google Meet


Google has announced the launch of Google Meet as soon as it packs up the existing video and chat apps introduced earlier. Google first imprinted its footstep in video conferencing apps by introducing video chat in 2008. It reached to peak with Google Hangouts video chat in 2013. Apps such as Google Hangouts, Hangouts video chat. And, Google Duo for video calling will be merged into one single app called Google Meet. Though Google Duo did not gain much popularity like Google Hangouts.

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Google will provide this service of Free Video Conferences on Google Meet on both G Suite and Enterprise customers. However, it has planned to restrict the video calling time to 60 min to G Suite customers, after this September ends. Although Google was late in launching this video call feature. It is planning to come up with options that could beat Zoom.

How to access Google Meet once it is launched?

Accessing Google Meet Video Conferencing is simple and easy. If you have a desktop or laptop and want to use Google Meet, you can key in using any browser but preferably Google Chrome. Mobile users can get this feature through Google Play Store or sometimes, it comes inbuilt as well, for both Android and iOS.

How Google Meet differs from Zoom?

Google Meet will allow you to connect up to 100 members to video calling simultaneously, whereas Zoom lets you connect less than 50. Zoom does not provide authenticated security at all levels of video calling and its features, whereas Google Meet will be launched with basic security features. However, Google Meet also unable to provide end-to-end encrypted security similar to Zoom. Zoom allows you to invite even non-account holders, to join a video call, but Google does ask for an account to sign in before joining a video call. Instead, Zoom prompts for a password alone before joining the call.

After witnessing the immense growth of the Video-Meet app Zoom, a few weeks before Facebook have recently launched its Messenger Rooms in which it allows video chat option to around 50 peoples at a time. Similarly, Whatsapp increased the users’ limit of up to 8 members on this video call option. Now Google steps into the competition by launching Google Meet Video Conferencing at free of cost.

How Google Meet will overcome the current competition?

Google, after understanding the painful areas that Zoom failed to address primarily in terms of security, is trying to fix the security issue at least to the basic level and still working on the same. So we can expect that Google Meet will provide the panicking security features to all its users, especially enterprise customers, making their chats and other data more private. Moreover, despite Google Meet Video Conferencing, Google was the first one to introduce the video chat and call option but due to lack of proper exposure and maintaining multiple products of the same type, it could not survive in the market until now.

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Bottom Line

Now Google is looking forward to closing the gap and capture the market. Google Meet is likely to be the third video chat app introduced by Google, along with Google Hangouts and Google Duo. Therefore, Google has renamed Google Hangouts as Google Meet and all the video calling features that the other two apps had, will be integrated into Google Meet. Let us hope that Free Video Conferences on Google Meet definitely beats the competition and provide a well interactive service to its users.