Now “Dislike” Posts on Facebook


This news is for all those who use Facebook for communicating with friends and relatives. Facebook is launching a new “Dislike” button. This will be able with every post in the similar way you see the “Like” button. Today almost everyone on the planet uses Facebook as the medium to socialize with friends and relatives. Facebook is one of the best and most popular social media in the work at the moment and so the Founder of Facebook “Mark Zuckerberg” decided to be fair with everyone and so they planned to launch a new button as “Dislike”. The reason behind this is, it is not compulsory that everyone likes a certain post, they may dislike them, and so to show their emotions facebook provided the button as like and dislike so people can click on what they feel amount that post.

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Today many people use Facebook and some spend more than 4 hrs a day on it. So it becomes very important for Facebook to be fair to everyone. Like and Dislike is the two emotions that are very important for the people. This is the only way they can express what they think about a certain post. So having one single button as like is unfair to those who dislike that post and that is the main reason for Facebook to add this new “Dislike” button.

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Let’s see how it affects the popularity of the posts made by people.


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