Now Create Travel Photo Book Easily with TripPix


Today most of us use cell phones to take pics when we are on vacation or on a trip. We share some pics and then forget them. But now the company named Shutterfly has built a new app that will help you organize the pics in the same way as a book. There are many people who want to turn the pics into cards, prints, gifts, and books so keeping all these things in mind, Shutterfly introduced an app named TripPix, which will help you a lot in converting these pics to books or albums.

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This new app allows the user to turn the list of pics into a book or to a photo album. Anywho tried building photo books online knows that it’s a very time-consuming process. But now you just have to filter out the number of good pics from the bunch, then just point out where they should be on the page, and in the end just customize with captions, and you are done. Your photo book or album is ready. You can even choose pics from selfies.

You can even choose the styles to customize the book. TripPix is an app that is meant to cut down the time. As we know making a book from the collection of photos is a time-consuming process but this new app will surely save a lot of your time.

Download for iOS:-


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