Nokia will Soon Return to the Phone’s Market

The world’s number one mobile maker nokia will soon return the market of mobile phones. It is expected that the former leader Nokia will return to the market of phones in the year 2016. The CEO of Nokia Mr. Rajeev Suri told Germany’s Manager Magazin that they are planning to return in the market soon and they are already in the process of designing the handsets. They will also look for partners for the design and then they will make a brand name in the market.

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Nokia phones that will launch in the market from 2016 will not be made by Nokia actually; they will assign all these work to their partners. As per Mr. Suri, Nokia still holds a bit of market in Europe and beyond.

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Till date Nokia hasn’t confirmed about the OS their devices will use, but by looking at the picture of Nokia N1 Tablet we can say that it will be Android. So we can say the customers will have one more choice in Android platform. Nokia will have to make the phones with great configuration and budget friendly because of the huge competition.

So, let’s wait and see what we get.

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