No Electricity Lamp that Glow Up with Just Salt Water


No Electricity lamp will bring revolution in the future. A team of Philippines students worked out to invent a lighting solution for the country. Around 7,000 people on the island are lacking from electricity. This new invention requires salt as its fuel to provide lighting.

The product is basically a lamp that needs a glass of water and two tablespoons of salt to function. This project is inspired by sustainable alternative lightening which delivers lightning to the environment in minimal costing.

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This lamp can run through kerosene or battery power to light up as the main source. It is assured to provide lightening for eight hours a day and long last till a year. The lamp uses the science of Galvanic cells, but rather than using electrolyte they used saline solution to make its handling non-toxic and easy.

Peoples living near coastal areas would not even pay for the salt. They can store the ocean water and use it as per the need for power. The saltiness of the ocean is good for use in the lamp.

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The founders of this salt lamp have not yet announced the price. They said that discussion on price in under process and will soon launch this lamp in the market. Initially, they decided to provide it to the needy.

During the interview in May, Aisa Mijeno said that she is proud of this innovation which would enhance people’s lifestyles.  She appreciated the hard work of the Philippine people and got inspired by their innovation.  These people just need a chance to work on basic needs like food, clean water, and light. We hope that you enjoyed this news under the latest technology news.

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