Use NFC Tags to Its Full Potential with These 9 Android Apps


For NFC, there is no shortage of apps in Android, and some are made to perform particular tasks like sharing Wi-Fi, setting up a smart alarm, unlocking your, and more. While others are created for writing and reading NFC tags, in this comprehensive blog, we will take a look at a few of the favorite Android NFC apps. So, let’s get started.

Use NFC Tags with These Android Apps

1. Trigger (Download Here)

Trigger apps as an Android app let you perform a specific set of actions, unlike other NFC tools that allow you to play single action with your NFC tags. For instance, I prefer NFC tools if I want to toggle Wi-Fi with my NFC tag. However, I will open my trigger app to perform actions like setting the night routine on the NFC tag, which will turn off Bluetooth and Wi-Fi as well as open my journal app.

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The Trigger app works in the principal of Tasker and IFTTT. Here you will find two segments, action and Trigger. The trigger section is when your smartphone comes in proximity with the NFC tag and Action segment is a set of actions it performs afterward.

The good part of Trigger is it enable you align with Tasker and integrate your tasks as it offers plugins which also makes it kind of automation app.

 2. NFC Tools (Download Here)

It is a simple to use app which let you erase, write, or read NFC tags.

As soon as you open the app, you will find four tabs on the top named – Tasks, Others, Write, and Read. Write option can allow you to write necessary details to the tags, including, phone number, URL, text, and more. The Read option let you read the type of the tag, serial number, and the maker. When you tap on the “Others” option in the app, then it will allow you to provide advanced options such as setting the password, formatting the card, etc.

Inclusively, if you wish to perform all essential functions, using NFC tools is more than sufficient for you.

3. NXP: NFC TagWriter (Download Here)

NFC TagWriter app is created by NXP Semiconductors, which is a leading NFC hardware manufacturer. This app is purposely designed to take care of tasks like formatting and copying tags.

You can say that it is kind of similar to Trigger app; however, it comes with many advanced options like writing the tag permanently with read-it only mode, erasing the tag or viewing the tag. You can also use the NFC data sets to convert the QR codes – this feature can come handy when you have a plethora of QR codes lying around.

4. Sleep As Android (Download Here)

This app is perfect for people who are not a morning person.

If you are looking for a smart alarm app that should work with NFC too then Sleep As Android comes handy in this category. Only by scanning the NFC tags, the alarm can go off as per your settings. In the evening, keep the NFC tags away from your bed like in the bathroom or kitchen. Next morning when the alarm goes on then, you have to get up to scan the NFC tag to turn it off which is kind of efficient use of smart alarm as there is no option of snoozing or getting late for work or college.

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Using the phone’s sensor, it also provides smart sleep tracking. Moreover, another exciting feature in this app is that you cannot bypass the alarm by closing the app when you set the app as an admin.

Under the app’s settings, you will find the steps to set up the Sleep As Android app with NFC tags. When you under settings then tap on three vertical dots to create a new alarm. A new window will pop up scroll down to section “Miscellaneous” and look for CAPTCHA: Stop Oversleeping option, click on that option, and choose NFC tag. From here you can follow all on-screen instructions.

5. NXP: NFC TagInfo (Download Here)

NXP Semiconductors develop NXP TagWriter and NFC TagInfo both these apps for Android. This app TagInfo can come handy if you are looking for ways to check the NFC tags. Developers specifically find this app useful. This app allows you to identify the tag type, analyze the entire tag memory, check the NDEF record on it, how much memory is left in the card, manufacturer. If you are NFC developer, then check out this app – you will find it interesting.

6. InstaWifi (Download Here)

Using the NFC tags share your Wi-Fi password with the help of InstaWiFi.

Not comfortable in sharing your Wi-Fi password. Well, in that case, this can help you in many ways. All you need is to stick near the router by writing the password on NFC tags. To get the Wi-Fi access then your guests need to scan the NFC tag. However, the catch is this app only helpful when your guests or friends have smartphones with NFC supported feature, and this app has to be installed in their smartphones as well.

On the other hand, the app also comes with a built-in QR code feature. From the QR code reader app your friends can quickly scan the code and login which most of them already have it in their phone or at least they don’t mind installing it.

7. NFC Developer (Download Here)

Yes, you are thinking in the right direction, this app is specifically designed for the developers. Using OnlineNDEF editor, you can develop your custom NFC tasks from your computer. Later, you can write it on your NFC tags by merely scanning the QR code, which is created using this app.

However, if you are a serious developer, then most experts recommend not to use online NDEF editor instead use Eclipse plugin to write your custom programs.

8. Automate (Download Here)

If you remember the Trigger app which we mentioned earlier here in the list, then you can easily relate that Automate is somewhat like that. However, you will find this app more robust. If you have use apps like IFTTT, Tasker then this app will make you feel at home. It is designed in such a way to take the automation at a new level.

To create sophisticated automation, process the app uses the blocks and flowcharts, which all can be initiated with a single tap on NFC tag. With all third-party services and apps, it can easily integrate, including smart locks, smart bulb, etc.

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For instance, with Automate, you can easily set the instructions to turn off all the lights in your rooms, and next to your door, you can stick that NFC.

9. NFC ReTag (Download Here)

If you have the write protected NFC card, then this app may come handy as it let you reuse such cards. There is no need for you to buy a new set of NFC tags for trivial household requirements. You can easily re-use writ-protected NFC cards like gift cards, hotel cards, price cards, metro cards, etc.

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The logic which the app uses is that it remembers the ID of the tags. It does not write anything on the tag itself. Using this app, you can easily take care of small tasks like, run Tasker task, open an installed app, call a phone number, Bluetooth, toggling Wi-Fi, and more.