Pocket PC is improving day by day. Some days back we have seen intel’s stick that is a complete PC in itself. Now we came across another device that is a complete PC. As we all know that PC sales are not at boom at the moment and neither windows 10 boosts the sale of computers. Many people tried to find out the persistence of this negative trend and what they found is everyone today needs something fresh and new in order to raise customer’s interest.

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If you are planning to buy a PC and you are expecting something new and fresh, then you must try out the new Kangaroo PC. InFocus develop this new PC.

InFocus Kangaroo today is the smallest portable desktop PC. This device weighs around 200g, 12.4 cm in height, and has an 80.5 mm width with 12.9 mm thickness. The size of this new portable desktop PC is similar to phablets available in the market. You can even find phablets in the market that are bigger than Kangaroo.

Kangaroo has an HDMI port, and this will help you in connecting the device to a TV which will work as a desktop. It consists of 2 USB ports and a DC power port. This device has the capability to connect with any screen around you in order to transform it into a desktop.

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Don’t count its performance with its size. It is small but powerful. InFocus did excellent work. They have used Atom Z8500 processor which is clocked at 2.24GHz. No fan or Heat sink is required to run this processor. A 2GB RAM with 32Gb of storage is provided. One can easily expand the memory to 128GB using a microSD card. You will get Windows 10 Hom Edition with this device.


Regarding connectivity, it offers Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.0 no Ethernet port is provided in this. One can easily connect a wireless keyword and a mouse with the Bluetooth. Kangaroo even has a battery with lasts for 4 hrs.

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When it comes to performance, we have been testing Kangaroo for many days, and we are really impressed. It’s not good at multitasking though, but you can use it to perform your basic tasks.


This is really very cheap and is available at only $99. You can purchase it today at Newegg.com


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