New Plugin Camera for iPhone with A 1-inch Sensor


As you know your iPhone already has a better mobile camera, but here is a new accessory available for your iPhone. It is a newly developed plugin camera by the most famous technology leader DxO. The DxO camera is lightning enabled and has a super aperture lens of 1.8f. The camera is 20.2 MP and has a 1-inch sensor. The size of the sensor is as small as the Sony RX100 series of a compact cameras. This camera is capable to produce awesome pictures.

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This new DxO ONE’s smaller in size than RX100, but the height of this camera will be around your iPhone 6 and its thickness is about an inch. The camera has the capability to swivel around this feature makes your phone an LCD display.

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One can manually adjust its aperture, ISO settings, and shutter speed. You can even choose DSLR mode and capture the photos with the same quality as DSLR’s. The camera has the capability to capture videos at 1080p and with 30 frames per second. There is built-in storage provided in this camera and if you want you can choose your iPhone’s memory as well.


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