Keep Your New Macbook Looking Fly With These 10 Cool Accessories


Did you just get a new Macbook? If so, read on to learn about the ten cool accessories you have to have to keep it looking fly

Almost 13 million MacBooks have been sold so far in 2018, so if you’re the proud owner of a new MacBook, you’re not alone. And while laptops such as the Asus Zenbook might outperform the MacBook there’s no doubt that Apple has it in the bag when it comes to styling.

There’s something indisputably cool about Apple products. And it’s not MacBook itself which has an air of awesome, there are also some cool MacBook accessories to add on to your laptop.

Here’s our list of the best.

The Best New MacBook Accessories

1. Snuglet

Do you ever get frustrated by your MacBook charging cable popping out if it gets knocked? If you do then Snuglet is the answer you’re looking for. This simple looking product is fitted inside the charging port of your MacBook, and it just holds the charger in snugly. Hence the name. It’s easy to remove, using a hook that comes with it.

2. The Landing Zone

If you sometimes use your MacBook at a desk, with a mouse, monitor etc. attached it can be a drag to keep connecting and disconnected them as you go mobile. That’s where The Landing Zone comes in. It has a bank of connection ports, so you can leave your mouse, monitor and any other accessories plugged in while you take your MacBook out and about.

3. Cases

If you want to keep your Macbook pristine, then a case is one of the most essential Apple accessories. You want to choose a case that will protect it from scratches and dings and keep it looking pristine. You can choose a MacBook Air Case that best suits your needs here.

4. Split Screens

When you’re out and about, the monitor on your MacBook is great, but when the time comes to sit at a desk, you might prefer to add another screen or two. The DualHead2Go gives you the power to do just that. It plugs into one of the ThunderBolt ports on your MacBook and allows you to add up to two screens for maximum working space.

5. Docks

If you spend a lot of time working with your Macbook at a desk, you might want to invest in a dock. Products like mTower and Henge Docks offer you the chance to dock your MacBook so that your monitor is raised to a better height for viewing. You can also dock a keyboard and mouse, so when you get to your desk you’re ready to go.

6. Keyboard

MacBook keyboards are dead flat, and if you spend a lot of time typing, you’ll know that’s not always the best angle for your wrists. Adding on a keyboard can help relieve that problem, and also gives you the option of choosing a deeper keypress, if that’s your bag.

The obvious choice is the Apple keyboard, available in both wired and wireless models but it’s not your only option. Other keyboards such as the Logitech Craft Advanced Smart Keyboard are available, which has features such as the ‘creative input dial’ which makes it stand out from the crowd.

7. MacBook Stand

Another way to get your keyboard and monitor to a more comfortable working level is to buy a stand for your MacBook. The LapTuk Pro is a solid choice if you’re working from a desk, and you have a monitor. As the name suggests, you just tuck your MacBook underneath, where it fits perfectly.

Alternatively, if you’re a fan of renewable materials, then the Portable Bamboo MacBook stand is worth a look. Not only does it keep your keyboard and monitor at just the right position, but you can also unclip it and fold it flat for transport.

Another portable option is the Baselift Super Thin Laptop Stand which is a small, light option. Attaching directly to your MacBook, it offers enough strength to lift your laptop to a comfortable working position despite its small size.

8. Port Adapters

Although the MacBook offers a good range of connection ports, it doesn’t have everything.

That’s why products such as the Type-C Multiport Adapter come in handy. Alongside additional USB ports and an ethernet connection, it also lets you use HDMI and 4K connections to really show off what your MacBook can do.

While we’re on the subject of USB, the Anker USB C to USB 3.0 adaptor will come in hand if you have some accessories from previous generations of Apple products that you’d still like to use. A simple USB C to HDMI adaptor is available, too.

9. Extra Memory

Your MacBook comes with an SSD card port, which you can use to store additional data. The problem with that is, that the card sticks out of the side of your MacBook when it’s in place. To get around that, the Nifty Mini drive fits flush into the SSD port and contains a micro SSD card to give you up to 64GB of extra space.

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Another way to add memory is by using a USB SD Card reader. The Catek USB Hub doesn’t just give you three more USB ports, but you can also dock and SD card to add to your available storage.

The most popular accessory when it comes to memory has to be the USB stick or flash drive. They’re a great tool for quickly transferring files from one computer to another.

10. A Surge Protector

Your MacBook is an investment, and you really don’t want to lose it. One important thing to keep your electronics safe from is surges, which can happen at any time. Choosing a surge protector for your MacBook makes sense, you just plug it into your electrical outlet and plug your MacBook into that and you’re protected. It’s as simple as that.

Choice Abounds

This is our roundup of the best MacBook accessories, but there are many more than didn’t make the list. Whether it’s generic laptop accessories that can still work with your new MacBook, or those purpose-designed to fit with the cool Apple aesthetic, there are lots to choose from.

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