New iOS 9 Live photos Feature will Eat up your Storage

Apple launched latest new iPhone 6s and it is well equipped with ios 9 live. This new iOS 9 have lots of new features and one of the best features is Apple’s live photos. This new feature allows you to make twist to your still photography, but the main issue with this feature is that it eats up a lot of storage from your phone. This new feature works by shooting video automatically with the sound 3 seconds prior after the pic is taken will eat up double the space when compared to one single pic.

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It is completely logical that a photo that is enhanced with full motion and sound needs more space to be saved and so it can be a headache for future iPhone 6s owners, especially for those who are looking to get 16GB version. On the other hand people who booked iPhone 6s with 32GB and 64GB will be saved from this to some point, but they will have to keep space on their PC or laptop in order to save such files.

Fortunately, this new feature remains OFF in iOS 9 by default and the user have to manually ON it. So the choice is yours whether to use it or not.

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