New generation of Drone that will Rule the Ocean

The principle of this new underwater remote controlled device is same as drone. OpenRov is a startup campaign and the company has already reached the goal budget of $50000 in 6 months. This new ROV is not a quadcopter, but it’s a remote controlled underwater UAV. It has a built-in camera. The team has already raised the funds for this project years ago but that was for another model.

Trident has made a remarkable design. The design of this new UAV is such that it slips off the rocks very easily and so it can cross the narrow gaps between the rocks without any difficulty. Another remarkable thing about this UAV is that its size is so small that one can easily carry it in backpack or in a small plane seat at the time of travelling.

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As the name says, the software of trident is open-source and so users can easily add new things and features to it. Though this UAV already have ability to perform a lot of things, like it can run as a lawn mover that allows it to capture pictures and videos and create 3D model of that area. Unfortunately, this new UAV is a little pricy and you have to pay around $799 which comes with 82 feet if tether and with topside. So let see how this new wave of drone is used.

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