Check out the Whole New Fly Kly E-Bike

Fly Kly recently launched a new E bike. It’s a light weight vehicle which is a scooter. This E-bike can be future of travelling. It has smart wheels which consist of a electronic motor which is powered with battery.

This new scooter is a hybrid model of the traditional scooters we usually found in the hands of kids playing around. This new scooter is kick-assisted vehicle. You just have to give a push the motor will start working then you just have to stand and on the pad and it will take you to the destination.

This new scooter doesn’t have any accelerator or button, instead the E-bike is provided with smart motor which push the vehicle. The motor gives augment kick to the wheel which further drives the E-Bike.

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This new bike will be made available in the market from February 2016. The shipping of this product will start from this December.

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