Application integration across different platforms has been a dream come true for all gadget users. Today we find the best console games on offer at PC gaming platforms as well as the most convenient organizational applications that were used to compile data on heavy duty systems now on the mobile platforms of smart phones. Such an example of much-demanded app integration was the introduction of Microsoft-owned Skype for iPhone. Skype can be used on all apple devices and integrates smoothly when the account is logged into any one of your gadgets. In this article, we explore the improvements in the latest Skype update for the iPhone, the version 6.10.

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Utility of Skype on iPhone

It is common misconception that Skype for iPhone can only be used to video chat, and thus users prefer to use the traditional Facetime for chatting. While this is one of Skypes major and initial functions, the application has expanded to much more today. The app now allows you to use both video and text chat with a range of emojis. You can also share files using the application and remotely control your partner’s computer system in order to guide different functions.

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Easily Access and Edit Microsoft Documents

An apple user is well acquainted with the pesky difficulty in opening, viewing and editing Microsoft office documents shared through Skype for iPhone. From important spreadsheets to significant presentations and official word documents, many Microsoft office files are shared through Skype on a regular basis. The difficulties faced by apple users on this front are all set to be erased by the valentines update for Skype on the Apple platform. Version 6.10 of Skype for iPhone includes progressive advancements in the file sharing and viewing experience, which means you can expect no more trouble with your official files.

New Emojis

Emojis have developed unreal levels of importance in conversations of the contemporary world. They allow you to convey feelings with more conviction, reply with efficiency and speed as well as accuracy. One complaint that was often received regarding the Skype for iPhone application was a lack of emoticons that the user could utilize in-conversation. While the app did sport a decent range of emoticons, consumers complained that rival applications such as whatsapp offered much more choice in this segment. Post the valentine’s update for the app, such complaints will cease to exist. Microsoft has announced a series of new emojis including hearts of different colors to make this valentine’s day more cheerful and expressive.

Saving videos and video messages directly to the phone

This is one of the most desired and demanded updates to the Skype for iPhone application. Currently, there is no way to save the videos of video chats that take place on Skype on your iPhone. Many users wish to record their conversations for different purposes. Along with this, video messages also could not be saved to the device memory, posing many difficulties to the apps overall utility. Version 6.10 is set to change this entire experience by allowing the user to directly save the video messages (both incoming and outgoing) as well as video chats on Skype. This valentine’s save your conversation with the special someone using Skype for iPhone.

General fixes and improvements

These progressive updates are accompanied with the usual enhancements and fixes that are included in Skype app updates. Microsoft being the responsive and quick-to-act corporation it is, has eliminated numerous small bugs in the performance of Skype for iPhone and rectified crashes in the files shared. The recent update also improves speed and response of the app.


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