Net Neutrality Launched in U.S


We have heard the news some time back saying that the internet is public property and so it should be treated equally without any difference in speed and blockage. This new rule of the internet has been affected in the US. This new system of the internet took effect on Friday.

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No one knows how this new system will bring benefit to the users and no monetization techniques have been developed yet but still according to rumors we can say we will get something better.

Internet neutrality is a principle that treats all the web traffic equally and the internet works in the same manner today. The rules have been established so that the telecom companies and ISP’s do not manipulate the traffic in terms of speed or any other things.

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According to the rules the FCC has placed the service of the internet in the same category as the telephone service, which means the ISP will treat this service as public. So now if you find any manipulation with traffic, you can complain about this to the FCC.


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