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Choosing a name is one of the exciting and difficult tasks you would ever come across. And the scenario can have multiple requirements. Name Generators can be one of the best options you can go with. A name generator can help you get the best names for a variety of your needs. Let us check out a few scenarios where a random name generator can come quite handy enough.

What is a Name Generator?

The name generator can come handy in many situations. Especially when you are looking for the options to come up with the right kind of name for your blog, baby or brand. In fact, it comes with a name based on what you want to express with the name.

In fact, a name generator a software assisted option to suggest you unique and interesting names that sound nice enough.

How does a name generator work? Well, it needs a few keywords or similar inputs to suggest the name. Thus the inputs you check out will be dependent upon what exactly are your requirements.

A few Random name generator options

There are several options and purposes you will opt for a name generator. Maybe you are looking for a name for your blog or you may be looking for a name for your baby. Or better still, you are looking for name for a your business or brand. There are several areas that a name generator can be helpful enough. Some of the name simulator options that can come in handy include the following –

Blog Name generator

Blog name generator is one of the best options for looking for a nice sounding blog title. It can either be based on the keywords or brand names. So, which of the options you would want to go with? That  will be dependent upon the requirement of your industry or the option you want to go with.

If you can come up with a good keyword based option for your blog, it would be an excellent option. This will go a long way in promoting your SEO experience. A few prominent choices can be.

1 DomainWheel
The random name generator is one of the best and creative option in itself. It shows up a lot of options when it comes to the choice of domains. It works in a simple and easy to use manner.
random name generator
You just need to insert your keywords. In fact, it can be anything related to your business or a group of two to three words. You will get three options in the form of random name suggestions, keyword based suggestions and a list of top domains.

2 Nameboy

Nameboy is yet another option too come up with the suitable names for the names based on your keywords. Enter a specific primary description and an optional secondary one. However, you may need to specify the hyphens as well.
name generator
Of course, you will need to purchase the name once you are fine with the name suggested to you along with the domain. Purchasing it will protect it so that you can use it later. You can even add it to the cart and protect it for a prescribed time.

Fantasy Name generator

Maybe you are looking to create a unique name for yourself. You may be a writer or someone who is looking to hide your own identity on the social media or other wise and trying to find the best fantasy name for your alter ego.

A Fantasy name generator can come in quite handy in those situations. In fact, a fantasy name can be generated from within your first and last name. You may also wan to create a new unique identity to your own self. There are several ways a fantasy name can add more spice to your online character or say, your “other self”.

A fantasy name generator or random fantasy name generator can be one of the best options you can go with. Just like the blog name generators, you can also opt for a good fantasy name generator that meets your needs.
Some good examples can be

It is one of the easiest options to choose a random fantasy name. The site provides you access to a list of ten random fantasy numbers without the need for any inputs of any sort. It provides you access to ten random options for each of the queries you search for.
fantasy name generator
The service comes with the options you want to search for. Choose among the several options like Fantasy names, real names or even place names. Each of these options provide you access to multiple sub categories. You just need to click on any of your preferred options and you will get ten random names based on the category you have opted for.

Moreover, all the names opted here are free from copyright issues and thus this should be one of the best fantasy name generator options you can go with.


This is our favourite random fantasy name generator. The site can be one of the best options if you love spooky names and this is the perfect spooky random name generator you can opt for. In fact, the name generator has a pretty simple interface and comes with the options for a wide range of options from the fairy tales and other fantasy stories.

random fantasy name generator
It has an easy to use functionality and features. You need to choose one of the multiple spooky characters to choose your name generator to come up with. Now select the other options like gender and other options and choose Generate. You will get an excellent, funny and spooky kind of fantasy name generated.

Fake name Generator

Fake name generator can be quite useful and practical when you do not want to use your real email address or credit card numbers. In fact, the fake name generator as an option will help you hide your actual information and let you provide the details that is not genuine, but appears to be genuine and passes all the authenticity checks.

For instance, if you can create a fake credit card number, you can use the fake name generator and the site that you are using it will not be able to find that the number is not genuine.

Some good fake name generator options can be


This is indeed an excellent option in case you are looking for a fake name generator. In fact, it will work both as a fake name generator and fake credit card generator with name. You can use this name generator using just the country, gender and name set to be chosen.
fake name generator
The site offers you an excellent functionality. Just enter the name set you need, gender and country you wan to choose the name from. In addition to a random name generator, you will also find a host of other details that provide you a separate identity.

This includes a new address, mother’s name, SSN number, credit card number and other details. However, all this information may or may not hold perfect, you should be able to enter them in a site where you do not like to share your actual details.


This is another example for one of the best name generators. While the site takes a part of the data invented and rest of it is generated from the online sources and randomly created for the sake of securing your privacy.
fake name generator
he services rendered by this random generator are equivalent to what we have already described in the previous example. The site provides you a complete fake identity complete with financial information, SSN and other details.

Baby Name Generator

Naming a new born baby is a huge task and the new parents absolutely at loss to arrive at the best options for their newborn. Yet again, the random name generator is an excellent option tat comes to your rescue here.
A baby name generator can help you come up with a unique and innovative name for your newborn. You can either consider adding up the names to arrive at a new name, or choose to look for a completely unique name.


This is one of the most popular and widely used baby name generator options you can try out. It can let you create names based on the parents’ name or choose a random name straightaway. The site is useful for choosing a perfect boy, girl or a unisex name for your kid.
baby name generator
You can even take random letters or any random names and and combine them together to create a new name for your baby. It offers you multiple search options like names sounding like parents names, those with the same meaning as the parents names or random names.

2 Babyname Genie

It is the simple baby name generator for those who are lost a t the thought of how to come up with a good name for their baby of their dreams. If you are expecting a baby and not sure whether it will be a boy or a girl, this is one of the best options you can check out the possible names.

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The site comes with one of the most easy random baby name generator you can use. Thus there are no flashy interface and offers you a simple options for your bay’s name. Moreover, you can have a chat with them indicating your preferences and a few options you would want to check out. Genies Mailbag is an excellent option for the purpose.

Name generators – A Saviour in disguise

A name is what helps you recognise you across the world. Whether it is your personal name, your blog or even your baby. In fact, even your business needs an interesting and unique name to keep it attractive enough to let the customers know what exactly you are up to.

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The name generator is an excellent option if you are struggling with the right choice of a name for any of these situations. While we have listed out the best name generator options for helping you out, there are several options you can check out for the best random name generators. We assume we have been able to initialise you into the concept and hope to find you working your way through the best options for an enhanced experience in finding the right name.

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If you have come across any of the best name generator options, you can share your experiences with us through the comments section here.