6 Must-Have Features Your Security Camera Should Have


An important investment anyone will make for a residential or commercial property is a security camera system. Such a system is important for many reasons. It allows you to view outdoor surroundings when you’re not present. You can watch for mail deliveries and keep a watchful eye on suspicious individuals in the area.

More people are investing in security camera systems because so much is happening nowadays it is a must-have form of protection. When considering which features your system should have think about what is most important to you and your safety. Here are six features people look for in a complete security camera system.

Motion detection

Any form of action that occurs, your camera should detect it especially if the action is something you don’t want occurring on your property such as a peeping tom or a burglar. You’ll have to do your homework to learn about different motion-detecting options cameras provide. Some may start recording when motion is detected.

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Some cameras let you select a mode to start recording. In this way, your pet dog or cat doesn’t get recorded if they are simply strolling in front of the camera. Others may record around the clock with or without motion. If the motion is occurring and it is something you need to report, the quality of the recording should be clear to determine what happened as evidence.

Weatherproof monitoring

Cameras mounted outdoors should be weatherproof. There are options able to withstand heat, cold, and moisture. The weatherproof feature may not be a big deal if you plan to mount your camera indoors such as on a window ledge.

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But there are cameras good for indoor and outdoor use and many find this feature flexible when they want to move their camera to a different location inside or outside at any time. You may pay a little more for a weatherproof camera since they are made with durable, heavy-duty materials.

Cloud storage and remote access

The amount of storage necessary for your security system may vary for a few reasons. You may want to save recorded material for future reference. You may need more storage if you have multiple cameras on the premises and if you don’t review your footage right away especially if you go on vacation. Cloud storage and remote access tend to go hand and hand when used with a mobile app.

You can access live footage and view what is happening through the camera in real-time with remote access. You may choose to record something on the spot and save it with the system’s recording server software. The cloud storage lets you create a backup of your recordings while creating space for current recordings.

Sound capabilities

Some cameras do offer sound features, but some may be okay without sound. Again, it depends on your situation. If your budget allows for a security camera system with diverse features, you may want sound. You’ll want to compare different options since sound quality may vary. The camera may have built-in speakers that capture sound while the camera records.

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Some cameras record sound when it records motion, meaning the camera is prompt to record when sound is detected. Another option to consider is an intercom system where you can look through your camera to see who is at the door and speak to them through the installed speaker.

Mobile app and custom alerts

As previously mentioned with the remote access, a mobile app provides additional features that let you monitor your property from anywhere. Maybe you are on-site at your home or business and want to look outside. You can do that by simply accessing your app on your mobile device such as your smartphone or tablet.

Custom alerts let you know when something happens based on what you select. You can get alerts when motion is detected. An alert can be sent to your device or by email. With this feature you don’t have to wait to find out if something was stolen or if someone broke into your property. You can take action immediately if necessary.

High-definition picture quality and angles

As you get to know different camera models and features, you may notice the quality of the picture varies. You want a system that provides top-quality pictures that are clear, clean, and sharp. If you need to report activity you will rely on the footage. Plus, depending on where your camera is mounted, it should provide coverage for your property from different views and angles.

Some cameras move around with the motion or tilt and pan to give you a better angle at a distance.

Tips on selecting a camera for your setting

There are a few things to think about when choosing a camera to meet your needs. If you have a budget you’ll want to assess your options carefully and get recommendations and options from like-minded consumers. Think about the reasons why you want a camera and how you want it to provide safety and security for your property.

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To get an idea of how camera features will work for your property, consider how much area you want to be covered by surveillance. How is the lighting in the area during the day and do you need coverage at night? If you plan to set up the equipment yourself think about any hardware you may need to purchase if it doesn’t come with the camera.

An effective security camera system will provide the coverage you need based on personal interests. Compare camera options and pay attention to feedback and reviews from customers. Learn which cameras provide quality features others found useful. If considering cloud storage and remote access features there may be monthly costs associated with maintenance to consider as part of your budget. It may be possible to find a camera that has all the features you want thanks to ongoing technology advancements making improvements to ensure dependable camera security.