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There are times when you can’t just work with the regular speed of the audio file you have downloaded. You may want to change the speed of the file for your own reasons. For instance, the file could be an audiobook, If you are someone who is able to grasp things a lot faster, or the file you downloaded is just too slow. In such situations, you can make use of the music speed changer apps. There are several apps that help you in changing the speed of the music on your device from fast to slow or slow to fast depending upon your needs. Listed below are 3 Music Speed Changer apps that might help you out.

Top 3 Music Speed Changer Apps

From a plethora of apps we could find on app stores, we have picked the top three Music Speed Changer apps that may be helpful in your needs.

Music Speed Changer

From the name of the app itself, it is quite easy to come to the conclusion that this app is used for changing the speed of music files. With this app, you can change the speed of the audio on your phone in real-time without disturbing the pitch (time stretch). If needed, you can change the pitch without affecting the speed. There is also an option to change the speed and pitch at the same time.

You can also loop your music with it. It can be done quite easily by slowing down the song speed and loop sections of the audio. Yet another feature that can be funny is the ability to play the music backward by reversing the audio.

The changes you made to the file can be saved in MP3 format. The app lets you share the changes you made with your friends or listen to them on another device. It is a cool tool for musicians who need to practice instruments and need to slow down the tempo when they need to practice in a various different tuning. If you don’t like the pace of an audiobook you can speed it up with this application.

Let us list a few of the features of the app.

Pitch shifting: It changes song pitch both ways in 24 semi-tones, and even allows fractional semi-tones.

Time stretching: The audio speed is changed from 10% to 500% of the original speed.

Rate adjustment: For changing the pitch as well as the tempo of the audio together.

Music Looper: Flawlessly loops audio sections so that you can practice it without and break.

Audio: Audio Speed Changer

Audio is a cool new music player that was designed not just to play music, but also provide users with a way to edit it as well. This music player has gives you options to change music speed. This app has a plethora of great features. You can use it for music dictation, language study, and even listening to longer audio. It does work extremely well as an audiobook player or a radio player.

Here are a few features that would make it a great option for your needs

It comes in handy when you want to change the speed of the audio files, You can make changes the speed from x0.25 to x4.0 including any value in between. The app can change the pitch without distorting the quality.

It is equipped with an advanced audio control that has been designed for the long audio track.

There are quite a few provisions for playing long audio. It includes multiple seek bars that give you more control in seeking long audio. Another feature you would love is the Marking feature in the audio track so that you can put marks anywhere in the audio track. It will act as a bookmark and you can start playing the audio from the position where you have marked it repeatedly. And you can even set a name to the mark.

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It is perfect for any use where it is necessary to repeatedly listen to the music or audio file content for example music dictation. You can adjust the speed of the music to suit your purpose. For instance, in the case of studies, you could go slow or you might want to speed it up for an audiobook.

Riff Studio (Speed and Pitch)

Riff Studio is a pretty great choice for budding musicians who practice a lot. You will be able to build a setlist of the songs that you want to practice. You can even set their pitch and speed as per your requirements before beginning your practice. It should be much easy to focus on your practice sessions along with your instrument or songs – thanks to the app.

Adjusting song parameters with this app are very simple and can be done in real-time. It is possible to set the pitch without affecting the speed of the song. You can also change the speed of the audio/song without affecting its pitch, or you can settle for adjusting both together if that is what works for you. The pitch can be set in semitones, whereas the speed is set as the percentage of the original speed. You can save the songs you have edited or changed as an MP3 file.

Listed below are few features of this music speed changer,

With pitch shifting, it easy to change music pitch upwards or downward in semi-tones.

The app has a time stretching mode(also known as BPM changing). This feature assists you in changing the audio speed with respect to the original speed.

Both the time stretching and pitch shifting features are of the best quality. The app has been back-ported so that it could support older Android versions as well.

The A-B Looper will help you in marking a section of the song so that you can loop it indefinitely in case you want to practice the difficult parts of your songs.

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In Conclusion

As you must have noticed from the features these Music Speed Changer apps have a lot of functionalities, apart from just changing the speed of your audio file or music. Regardless of features of these different apps, an important factor that made us go for them is that the quality of the audio file is not disturbed even by the changes that have been applied to it so that you can have full music experience or audio file experience with the enhanced setting on it.