Music and Productivity: Does Music Help to Improve It?



Listening to music is the best way to be productive while you work.  Due to good sounds and songs, you can concentrate, work better, and enjoy what you do. There’re a lot of websites you can use to listen to various musical tracks. But many of them contain awful quality music which won’t let you enjoy songs in order to concentrate on boosting your energy and improving your productivity at work.


There you go again, another day slipping away without achieving any tangible goal. The office noise, the sound of the printers and staplers, all the office activity sounds in your ears.

You decide to take a break and take a walk around the block as everyone suggested, but that creative juice just refuses to flow. You plug in your earphones, play some good music, and suddenly, the focus you have been craving for comes from nowhere and you begin to cross your to-do list.

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The scenario above plays out in a lot of people’s work lives, and for a lot of people, it is effortless to work on physical tasks with good music in their ears. It has been proven that music impacts your productivity positively – this study explains how.

Where music helps with productivity

Have you ever noticed a change in your workout speed or intensity just by spicing it up with some good music? Of course, it helps. People don’t just jog around the park with earphones for the fun of it. According to this research, noises are not always bad for productivity.

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So when you need to work out or work on tasks that you are familiar with or perform a repetitive action that requires very little mental awareness, music as a companion can definitely up your productivity and aid speed.

When music is a BIG NO

We have established that music does help with productivity, and this is true with workouts and other physical activities, but productivity is not limited to physical activities. There are also many mental activities that lead to productivity.

In some of these mental engagements, music can become a distraction.

In some cases, music can interfere with learning. Trying to memorize a formula or written text needs complete concentration. Imagine trying to read a material that is outside the scope of your expertise with music in your ears. It is going to render an already difficult to become impossible.

In this case, music becomes a distraction.

Where to get good music to boost productivity

If you are looking to try some good music to increase your productivity, here are some places to start your search to download mp3 music.


The first pick is YouTube. On YouTube, you are going to find thousands of music to choose from. A lot of these songs will be available on video. You can use a youtube to mp3 download software to convert them into mp3 formats in case you need to play them outside YouTube.


You can sign up to Spotify to listen to some good tracks that are sure to set the mood right for your next task on your to-do list. A lot of artists on Spotify have uploaded hundreds of music tracks for those looking to increase their productivity with some good music. You can also use flvto services for that at

8tracks lets you stream music of your choice by any artist, genre, activity, and mood. It is a great place to start your search for productivity music.


SoundCloud is also a great place to look for musical inspiration. Songs are categorized into different categories, and you can start your search with keywords like motivational music, relaxing music, mental focus, and productivity music.