Soon after launching the beta version of MS Office for Android, Microsoft launched the full and final version of MS Office for Android phones. This new Office is a new strategy for Microsoft to expand the influence of the Microsoft ecosystem.

This is not it, and there is a major picture involved with this step. Microsoft recognized that the tech is changing and moving more and more towards the smartphone rather than the PC and Operating System. Technology is a new world where mobiles are the new king and that too the Android ones. This is the reason why they took this step of launching an MS Office for Android phones.

You Can Download Microsoft Office For Andriod App For Free From -PlayStore

Reasons why MS Office for Android was launched

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As we all know, Android has the biggest market of smartphones, and this is the reason why Microsoft targeted Android and launched MS Office. The biggest hurdle is the fact that the experience vary a lot from device to device and bringing a good user experience can be a challenging part for Microsoft.

We all know that MS Office is big and complicated software but Microsoft did a good job for PC and laptops, but since there are various configurations when it comes to Android phones, you can never expect the same experience on each device. Since Microsoft has great professionals, we can expect a good job from them. We all know that Office for iPhone was already available and its really doing well. So we can expect the same for Android.

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The second gold that we can understand from Microsoft’s point of view is that Microsoft wants the huge influence of their products, though Office is the biggest and best platform they decided to launch MS Office for Android. Microsoft is already providing MS office in their flagship Windows phones, but in order to expand its influence, Microsoft made this strategy and started working on it.

Android users are already using one drive and its apps to (or intending to) meet their basic needs which are considered as the best way to keep data safe as of now. Microsoft also wants to enter this ecosystem of Android and spread the influence, and so they launched MS Office for Android.

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Office 365

The biggest profit-generating software for Microsoft is Office 365. This is also true that the capabilities of Microsoft has increased a lot and the reason is providing products free of cost with some limited resources. Another truth is that Office 365 subscribers will get all the premium features and capabilities along with additional perks.


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