Movavi Screen Recorder the best video recorder


Are you aspiring to record a video straight on the PC? It could be that you would be sitting for an online job interview soon and you would like to record the whole thing for future reference. How is that possible? Can you actually capture a streaming video on your desktop? Well, yes and Movavi Screen Recorder will help you here.

This PC screen recorder is able to record any sort of streaming video & music from any website. Whether you want to capture your favorite live series or a live match or a tutorial video or a webinar- the Movavi software can record anything for you. It can even record video calls or chats online.

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Movavi is one of the leading software developers and is appreciated internationally for its cutting-edge software systems. Movavi Screen Recorder has already received rave reviews for its superior video recording performance.

Easy to use

Its powerful, lightweight, and extremely easy to use. Movavi Screen Recorder sports an intuitive interface and can be used by anybody with basic computing skills.

Editing facilities available

Movavi Screen Recorder is not just about video recording. In fact, it also engineered to help users with editing services. Whether you want to take out the disturbing ads from the video or have to extract music from the video file, the software will do everything for you.

Ability to take screenshots

Added to video recording, the software can also capture screenshots from the video that is being recorded. You would just need to specify the Capture Area. It just takes one single click to capture screenshots with the Movavi product.


No loss of quality

Are you worried that the recorded video won’t have the same quality as the streaming one? Well, with Movavi Screen Recorder, there is no place for such concerns. Its because the state of the art software is able to save your recorded video to its original quality.

Important tips for users-

Below are some of the tips that will help you to make the most of the Movavi Screen Recorder-

  • There is no need to sit before your PC throughout the recording. You would need to start the recording manually but after that, you can set a specific time limit. As the software reaches up to that time limit, it will stop the recording automatically.
  • Do you have to share the recorded video to some other device or mobile phone? Are you worried that your phone or the other device is not compatible with the original format of the recorded video? Well, no worries as you can easily use Movavi Screen Recorder to convert your video into any desired format.

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